10 Christmas Gifts You Secretly Bought For Yourself

Sometimes you go out Christmas shopping and you get all your gifts in one run. Sometimes though, you go Christmas shopping for friends and family and really buy the gifts for yourself. Over the years I feel like I’ve become much better at staying on task but then again sometimes I stray. I love buying Christmas gifts for others but then I think hmm, maybe I should just keep these.

1. Lush Bath Bombs that are buy one get one free…why yes, don’t mind if I do.gifts you secretly bought yourselfPIN IT!

2. Tickets for your spouse to see YOUR favorite artist with you. Oopsy! They’ll love it, I’m sure!

3. A puppy!!!! …that they hopefully won’t “have time for” so that you can save the day. Besides, you’ve got lots of doggie experience.

gifts you secretly bought yourselfPIN IT!

4. A couples massage for you and your mother in law so you can both sit QUIETLY and pretend you have a great relationship. At least you’re getting your body’s kinks worked out if nothing else.

5. Photoshoot for your kids…because they want pictures of themselves so badly.

6. Subscription to GameFly where the log in is all your information.

7.  A new iPhone so that you can have their old phone. Its really just helping the environment by recycling.

8. The hard copy book you’ve been dying to read so that when they’re finished you can “borrow” it.

9. A brand new cookware along with a cook book filled with recipes you’d love for them to try.

gifts you secretly bought yourselfPIN IT!10.  A pair of heels that just so happen to be your size as well. Sharing is caring.

gifts you secretly bought yourselfPIN IT!