11 Must Foods To Eat While Pregnant

We all know that when you’re pregnant you’re no longer just eating for yourself but also for your new little bundle on the way. Everyone has their own unwarranted opinions on what you should and shouldn’t eat, drink, and breathe. It can be really annoying but trust that you are doing the best you can.

Every pregnancy will be different. You will crave different foods, you will want to puke at the thought of eating others. No matter what your little kiwi is craving, everyday you should try to aim at adding in essential nutrients to your diet. I don’t mean just swallowing your prenatals either.

Sadly, most over the counter vitamins are filled with crap and have very little of what you’re wanting in them. Of course, I’m not advising you stop taking them but to instead research what’s in your vitamins and if they’ve been accredited or inspected in any way. Also, aim to consume your vitamins through healthy foods instead of relying solely on a pill.

Regardless, you know you should always strive to nourish your body with healthy foods to strive for a safe and healthy pregnancy but do you know the 11 must foods to eat while pregnant?

11 Must Food to Eat While Pregnant

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    I know that most pregnant women refuse to have meat of any kind although it is different for everyone. Juices, fruits and vegetables seem like a nice source for most of the nutrients.