15 Weeks | What You Forget About Pregnancy

What You Forget About PregnancyPIN IT!Heading into my 15th week of pregnancy it blows my mind how much I have forgotten about pregnancy as well as how different every pregnancy is. With E I had very little symptoms, virtually none at all other than back pain and mild indigestion at 32+ weeks. With this baby it is a whole different story. I have had every symptom so far it seems and ones I totally forgot you could have. So with that I thought I would share the not so awesome symptoms I’ve been blessed with that David loves to hear about.

Dry Skin

Being that we live in the desert, having somewhat dry skin is normal but the dry skin I’m having now is unreal. My whole body is itching like crazy and I feel like a tweaking cocaine addict with all of the scratching. When I change clothing all I see is white flakes everywhere! Jergens has been my friend thus far but now I think I’m going to have to move onto something heavier to console my lizard skin.

Never Ending Emotions

Now before you say “obvi” let me explain. I remember crying when I was pregnant before and the convulsing sobs every time a new baby was born on the discovery channel but this baby has a different strategy. Instead of crying over everything(which I do still cry a lot) I stress out over every possible thing you can imagine. Things that I would normally shrug at stays on my mind nonstop and I can’t shut it off. Has anyone else had this reaction before?

Aching & Pain

Once again, back pain is part of pregnancy for me but with E it started at 25+ weeks when I was really getting huge. This baby has taken strong pride in making me immobile come night fall. Since 8 weeks on I have had the most severe back pain I’ve ever had in my life. As soon as I lay down anywhere, I literally can’t move myself. David laughs hysterically while I struggle for a while but eventually has to come help me. And OMG the aching! Most people are sleepy and tired most of the day. Well while I am that I also can’t sleep. I’m headed towards insomnia because even this early on I can’t get comfortable enough to fall asleep in a decent amount of time.

Round Ligament Pain

A whole other new pain to endure that I thought must be a joke if people said they had this. Well boy was I wrong.  It hurts most when I walk around and its a mix between cramping, serious internal stretching and results in feeling like an alien is about to bust through.

Discharge & Constipation

Since I was anemic the first time around I had to take iron pills as well as stool softeners so I never knew a difference. I suppose this time since it wants to struggle to come out of one end its going to liquify and come out the other. I know, that was maybe TMI but its the truth. Not only can I not shit half the time, I feel like I need to wear a pad to keep up with the discharge I’m having. Its the nastiest feeling.

Well now that I’ve have either made you laugh or puke I’ll wrap this up. I love being pregnant again and I don’t regret anything I’m going through since I know it will result in a beautiful and happy child that we can’t wait to snuggle. I’m truly amazed what the female body can endure to create another living being. Its mind blowing and incredible all at the same time.