19 Weeks with Baby Holmes

boy gender reveal 19 weeksWe opted to try and find out the sex of baby Holmes early and paid to do a gender ultrasound at 15 weeks. We found out that he was a boy that day and had to break the news to Evan. He was devastated since he wanted a sister so badly. Its been about 4 weeks now and he’s finally coming around to the idea of having a brother and being okay with it. Today we had our 19 weeks scan and confirmed that Baby Holmes is indeed a baby boy. So with that the name we have chosen and agreed upon is Maximus William which I am in love with.

As of today I still haven’t gained any weight which I am happy about. I’m trying to keep this pregnancy at the lower end of weight gain with only hoping to gain 10-15lbs in the end which is perfectly healthy for me. The only symptoms I’ve been having now is severe gas that makes me want to cry but with the little help of Gas X I’ve been surviving. Max is getting stronger and stronger in his kicks and becoming much more active. The US tech said he is right on schedule for his due date and is weighing in at 11oz so far. Hopefully at my 20 weeks check up with my doctor I will hear his little heartbeat again as well as find out next week the results of the scan so hopefully everything will be normal and healthy.