Riding in Affordable Luxury with the 2018 Buick Enclave

buick enclaveContinuing on our car hunt, we welcomed a new car brand into the mix. A 2018 Buick Enclave was added as another option for our SUV search. Meeting all the criteria I’m searching for, a third row with captains chair, leather seats, reverse camera and more, I couldn’t deny giving it a try. If you want to read my reviews on what cars we’ve already driven already, check out this linkPIN IT!.

2018 Buick Enclave Features

I have never driven a Buick in my life. My great-grandmother had a Buick of course but I never associated a Buick as a car I would consider. I always saw Buick as a luxury car for older generations but boy, was I wrong!

Climbing into the Enclave I was blown away by how nice the interior was. Hands down the nicest of all the SUVs we have driven so far. The leather was nicely trimmed and smooth to the touch, the dash was very user-friendly and had Apple Car Play integrated into the system. If you are an Apple user and haven’t used Car Play yet, you will LOVE it.

buick enclave

The car will read your text messages to you and allow you to respond. I put the Bluetooth to the test to see how well it would respond. I spoke quickly like I typically do, and she was able to pick everything up perfectly. When making phone calls I was told my voice comes through crisp and clear. I love my car but the Bluetooth is lackluster so a good speaker is a must!

The Buick Enclave, of course, had cameras all around the vehicle including my favorite 360 view camera. It had captain’s chairs with a large space in between them for accessing the third row easily. The ceiling had not one but two sunroofs for enjoying our sunny Arizona skies. When using the trunk button on the key fob, there was no hesitation like I found in other SUVs. The latch systems were easy to clip which made installing car seats a breeze.


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But How Does It Drive?

This baby drives like a dream! The Buick Enclave is so smooth to drive and can we talk about the power? The Enclave could pick it up and book it with no problem. I was eating up the power this SUV had and how flawlessly it excelled when entering the highway.The SUV handled turns really well but the turn radius when doing a u-turn wasn’t the tightest. Not bad for its length but noticeable for me.

Would I Buy the 2018 Buick Enclave?

Absolutely yes! The Enclave gave my previously favorite car a run for its money. With so many luxury features at an affordable luxury price, it’s hard to overlook everything this SUV has to offer. A smooth ride with all the bells and whistles I’m looking for. It will be hard to top this 2018 SUV.

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