3 Tips For Building Your Instagram Following

Building Your Instagram FollowingPIN IT!Brands love connecting with bloggers it’s a fact. Though they love to see interaction on your blog, they know social media is where it amplifies. Having an engaging and larger social media following can work wonders for your traffic and draw in a larger crowd. For me, its Instagram so I decided to share 3 tips you can incorporate to build your Instagram following.

Divide and Conquer or Remain the Same?

This is a question asked a lot in the social media world. If you like to concentrate on different niches, do you separate them or keep them under one account? There really is no wrong or right way to cover a niche but you need to make sure that you have one niche no matter how specific or broad.

For instance, I have a travel IG, lifestyle/mommy IG, and a fitness IG. Keeping up with all three sites was too much for me. I would do really well with 2 of them but the alternating third site would be neglected. Not having fresh content does not allow your brand to grow. After much deliberation I decided to combine my travel IG with my lifestyle IG.

Did my travel preference suffer? Yes and no. Yes because all my traveler photos weren’t necessarily interested in a broad niche like lifestyle. No because I was able to let it go and concentrate on building what I already had and realizing which niche I was able to have a bigger presence in.

Post Consistency

If there is one thing I could stress it would be to be consistent with posting. I notice when life gets in the way my engagement drops dramatically. I can go from posting once a day and getting 300-400 likes within the first few hours to not posting for 1-2 weeks and only receiving 100-200 likes in a day. There are tons of apps out there that help with planning out your posts. Take full advantage of them to stay on top on your postings.


If you can’t tell already, engagement is the name of the game. You want to grow followers? Engage. You want more likes? Engage. You want to build a community? Engage. Engagement is incredibly time consuming but it is the key to growing your audience organically. I can spend anywhere from 3 to 8 hours on my account a day engaging with my followers or those who are browsing to try and build a relationship.

I know what you’re probably thinking, who has time to like photos, leave comments, follow/unfollow people everyday? Well at first my husband would get really annoyed then I started to discover tools that can do these things for me like River.

River was created to make engaging on Instagram easier. With River you have 3 different package options to choose from. Each option has its perks and you are sure to find one that will work for you. River has the ability to follow/unfollow on your behalf, like photos in your niche via hashtags, access your hashtags, leave comments, and more!

I tried River out for a week and saw a huge difference in my engagement within minutes. I couldn’t believe I had stumbled upon a program that worked so well! I thought it was too good to be true and tried to test it in different ways. Every time River proved to be a winner. Want to jump on board? Try River out for 7 days free by going here.

Social media in general takes a lot of time and dedication to accomplish a following. When all else fails come back to these 3 basics for building your Instagram following and you’ll reach your goals in no time.

  • Angelic Sinova

    These are great tips for building your Instagram following! If I’ve learned anything from my blog and my work in social media and marketing it’s that consistency is key.

  • Samuel A Pereira

    Estou começando a entender estas ferramentas de interação! Mas sou leigo no assunto! Espero poder contar com vcs!

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      Samuel A Pereira


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  • Jamshid Moradian


    If you know I am an artist a sculptor who works as an international artist if you dear search my name in google or youtube you will
    find it out easy and what you can do for me i really do not know