4 Essentials You No Longer Need In Your Home

No Longer NeedPIN IT!Households can accumulate many objects over the years. Granted, some are items we need. But more often than not, we hang onto stuff that we believe is important but is actually of no practical use or purpose in our everyday lives. Decluttering your home of this stuff will simplify your life, and you’ll find yourself saving money and having less stress — something we could all use. Discover the following four perceived “essentials” you don’t need in your home.

Old Forms of Media

Does your VCR still work? Even if it does, would you use it? Many people use their computers or smart boxes on their televisions. If you do, your VHS or DVD collection of yours must go along with their clunky media player counterparts. Don’t worry: You’ll still be able to find your favorite shows and movies online.

Home Landline Phone

Almost every person has a cellphone. GMSA Intelligence estimates more than 8 billion mobile connections exist — more than the world’s population.

Ask yourself whether you need more than one phone. If people want to contact you and aren’t certain of where you are, they can always call you on your cellphone with the best chance of reaching you. Lose the clunky piece of machinery in your home and get with the times.

Large Countertop Appliances

When’s the last time you made bread … in your bread maker? Are you sure you need that deep fryer? Many countertop appliances are single-use items, such as ice cream makers, panini presses, and pasta presses. Unless you’re making these items every day, use your oven or stovetop and free up your countertop space. 

Expired Cosmetics

Keep your go-to cosmetics and trash the rest. Toss out anything that’s more than a year old because, yes, makeup expires. Most of the makeup products you have may not be what you need anyway, so why continue to let them pile up? Scour through your bathroom and remove all the open, mostly empty or barely used gels, creams, and makeup.

Get Trashing

While getting rid of these items may be hard at first, you’ll be happy when you complete the job. Start off slowly by getting rid of only one of these items at a time to see how you feel without them. Not bad, right? You can donate any items you’re removing from your home to a charity or earn some extra cash by selling what you have online. If you find yourself with too much junk to get rid of, try using a reliable decluttering service such as Humpback Junk Removal to get rid of what you don’t need.

By removing these so-called essentials from your home living areas, you can make space and time for the items that are absolutely important to you. You’ll have more space for your family to get together, and you’ll spend less time on the stuff that doesn’t matter. By the end of the decluttering process, you’ll feel as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.