The 4 Greatest Features of Installing Glass Balustrading

Glass balustrading is an excellent way of decorating buildings, whether used in a house or in an office building. We have often seen the use of metal and wooden balustrading but glass balustrading used to be a rarity earlier. But in recent times glass balustrading have inspired a new and flourishing market for itself. Better, economical and efficient means of glass manufacturing has inspired a new era of architecture where glass balustrading has found a unique place for itself. These balustrades are aesthetically very appealing and in their finesse they outdo the earlier metallic and wooden balustrades.

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Provides a classic and aesthetic touch:

It is important to consider the balcony design and the use of material before we make a final decision on any construction project. A decision like that is not only limited to balconies, but also to staircases and terraces where glass balustrading can be used as an effective decorative technique. Using glass balustrading for balconies, terraces and staircases we often enhance the beauty of the building as these balustrades blend in perfectly with their surroundings and make the building in the background stand out phenomenally. Their use can be extended to home and terrace gardens where their addition to the building provides a classic and aesthetic touch. It not only enhances the beauty of the place where it is used, but due to its unobtrusive quality it makes the surroundings look even better. These are not only aesthetic enhancers, but also a robust and durable choice of material that lasts for extremely long times. The glass balustrading is money well invested. These are quite reasonably priced and are easily comparable to other kinds of balustrades available in metal and wood.

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Available in Different Forms:

Glass balustrades come in many different forms and varieties, among these the frameless ones have a well-defined and royal look and they certainly stand out more than the other kinds. It is quite unique in design and offers a pleasant experience to the eyes. It is preferred over other kinds of balustrade materials. The decorative and aesthetic nature of glass balustrading has bolstered its use for many indoor projects, where earlier its use was mostly confined to outdoor decoration of balconies. At home, these balustrades are greatly used in backyards for defining the space and also serve a similar purpose for home gardens. In the office environs these can be used for demarcating spacers. They can help define functional or recreational areas or enclosures. These functional areas can be easily converted into a study area or an area for hosting some event.

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Versatile Material:

The glass balustrading is a versatile material for the buildings as it can be conveniently used with other materials like metal, wood, etc. that offer a new and medley kind of flavour to the surroundings. These glass balustrades come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes thus offering an extensive range to choose from; each choice serving its own purpose. Most often, the glass balustrades come in square shape and it’s the most widely used design as well. But, these balustrades can be easily crafted into other shapes like circular, semi-circular, triangular or rectangular. These glass balustrades also come in varying thickness. The thicker ones are more desirable in the regions which are prone to high velocity winds and turbulence. This mostly applies to balustrades that are used outdoors for balconies or terraces.

Durable, Tough and Easy to Maintain:

The glass balustrades are made of tough and hardened glass and can withstand harsher weather conditions. Their toughness and lasting ability never comparable to other materials and they fade and keep their natural texture and shine forever. Glass balustrading require some care, but nothing that one cannot manage. It is quite easy to dust them off using just a soft, non-abrasive cloth. The stains from the glass balustrades can be easily removed using a piece of wet cloth.

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Though the amount of care required for the glass balustrades is minimal, but it is almost impossible to avoid dust and stains and a certain amount of care is required from time to time. Although they are quite sturdy, but still care should be taken to avoid scratches or to have heavy loads leaning against them. So, Glass balustrades are aesthetically very attractive. By installing this glass balustrade, you can give an aesthetic touch to your home.

  • Kairi Gainsborough

    I love the variety available for glass balustrading in the home. The staircase in the first picture looks really elegant with the frameless glass. For my house, my favorite look is a silver frame and railing when used with wooden stairs. I think it looks very fresh and modern. I would love to update my staircase with railings like this.

  • Scott

    I like that you point out that glass balustrades can be crafted to fit a variety of different shapes. I can see why this would be important to be aware of it the location is not normal. My wife has been talking to me about remodeling our stairs and banister this fall. I’ll have to keep this in mind should the design need unique shapes.

  • Paul From Provista Balustrade System

    No Doubt There are great and important tips for Glass Balustrade Installation.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Steel

    Some glasses have options of glass panels and a railing, resulting in the quick installation of the balustrade. Glass Balustrade is quicker to install compared to wood, iron, or steel.