4 Summer Travel Activities To Keep You In Shape

Its always difficult to stay on top of your workout routine and eating regime when traveling. A vacation is well, meant to be a vacation; a time to relax, travel, and just have fun. Low and behold there are many different activities you can do while summer traveling that will give you a great workout. Most of them you don’t even realize are a workout because you’re having a blast! Here are a few travel friendly activities to get that workout in.


Hiking is one of the best workouts you can get in while traveling though some view it as just walking. Hiking actually exercises almost every part of your body: legs, arms, hips, abs, etc.  Hiking has many benefits such as cardio respiratory fitness and muscle fitness. Hiking also burns approximately 350 calories a day.

Each hike is unique and vary from location to location. There are also many trails that are family friendly as well as long as you prepare ahead of time.


Snorkeling is usually a common activity for anyone traveling to a tropical location. Many people may not realize that you are actually getting in a great aerobic exercise while observing all of that marine life. Who would have thought strapping on those fins and goggles would lead to burning approximately 312 calories an hour?!

Roller Blading

I know, roller blading? Who does that anymore? Well as cheesy as it may seem, roller blading burns a whopping 764 calories an hour! No too shabby for an outdated sport so stop by your local used sports store and get to it!


Dancing has always been known as being a great activity to keep you moving but what about when you’re traveling? Have you ever thought about the calories you burn when you’re out a club or small venue on the beach? Turns out that shaking all that booty burns approximately 415 calories an hour.
From the easy to the more challenging activities, you can see there are plenty of options to keep you active while traveling in the summer. I personally will be sticking to snorkeling and hiking as they are my favorite activities. It doesn’t matter which activity you choose as long as you’re keeping your body moving!