4 Things You Should Discuss with Your Partner

your partnerPIN IT!Relationships are rewarding and fulfilling, but they’re also a lot of work. You must communicate with your partner to make sure that both individuals feel happy and content. Otherwise, someone will swipe left on the relationship. Discover the following four things you should talk about with your partner.

Talk About Expectations

When your relationship is new, you may not know what the other person thinks and that is OK. For example, you may date only one person at a time, but do you have any reason to think that the other person should feel the same way? The only way to make sure is to have an open conversation.

Let your new partner know that you feel comfortable enough that you’re going to stop looking for other potential dates. Ask for the same courtesy in return. Anyone who won’t show you this courtesy isn’t good partner material anyway.

Note that the reverse is also true: You may not want to feel tied down. If you’re a free spirit, let your partner know that you’re not the monogamous type. This step will prevent hard feelings at a later time in the relationship.

Talk About Money

In a relationship, you’re going to shop together often, and you’ll also eat out many times. When the cashier asks for payment or the server places the bill on the table, someone needs to pay. These conversations around who pays the bill are awkward when you and your partner don’t trust one another enough to talk about money.

Once you’re confident enough in your relationship, you should pick a time to have an open, honest conversation about your financial situations. Inevitably, one person in the relationship will enjoy a better situation than the other, and that’s OK as long as both of you can talk about your financial position in a positive way. If one person makes the other person feel bad about money, the relationship could suffer damage beyond repair. Keep the conversation constructive and positive.

Talk About Trust

Once you’ve settled into a monogamous relationship, you need to trust your partner. Part of that trust stems from accepting the other person’s past. If you had an ex-partner, the other person may have, too. You don’t want things that you can’t change to destroy a promising relationship, so you must set boundaries about what’s acceptable.

For example, you must decide on rules for texting ex-members of relationships. You don’t want messages to pop up on phones that show as unknown callers but clearly are personal. An open discussion about trust will define the course of your relationship, establishing that such texts are not OK.

Talk About Hopes and Dreams

The early stages of dating are the easiest ones as they are the times when you’re dizzy from romance. Later, the success of your relationship depends on how well you understand one another. You must share your life goals, ambitions, and dreams. When you do, you won’t wake up one day to discover that your partner was serious about running away and joining the circus or something equally ridiculous. Listen when your partner shares: You’ll know whether you’re heading the same way in life.

The above four areas can signal strong steps toward a healthy, lasting relationship. Follow the advice listed here, and you’ll have nothing but great times with your partner.

  • Blair villanueva

    Relationships is about continous and non stop communication and talks. When you stopped talking to him/her, then the danger comes in.

  • Lavanda Michelle

    Communication is so important in every relationship, especially in marriages. I love these thing you listed. As s marriage mentor, money is the biggest problem new couple face.

  • Oyinkan

    Hopes & dreams are very important b/c if it clashes, you’ll be better off not going through w/the relationship