5 Easy Swaps For Your Child’s Snacks

I may be an adult but I’m a kid at heart. I love the sugary goodness of kids snacks even though I know they are not good for our bodies. However, I also love when people can offer good snack alternatives that my child will actually eat. Here are a few easy swaps you can do in your child’s snacks to start offering a healthy alternative without them realizing it.

Cheese Its

This little squares of deliciousness are filled with unbelievable amounts of sodium and though the “real cheese” that is spoke of on the box may be in there, that doesn’t mean that its all real cheese. Here is a healthier, non-processed version of the crunchy little snack.

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Recipe can be found here.

Yogurt Drops

Hey, you know these! They come in that cute little yellow packaging and seem like a great alternative to some of the other snacks available to babies and toddlers but did you know how easy it is to make them? Not only would they not be processed but you would save so much money! You can make a whole bag full of yogurt drops just off of one container of yogurt. That’s roughly 50 cents for a package you’re paying $3.00 for!


Gummy Bears

Everyone’s weakness but the amount of sugar contained in gummy bears is unreal! Here is a really cool and health alternative to buying gummy bears. Its using REAL fruit and the littles will love cutting out whatever shape they want!


Recipe can be found here.


Yes, popsicles are filled with corn syrup, dyes, sugars, you name it. But what if it didn’t have to be? All you need is popsicle molds, coconut water, and your child’s favorite fruits! Place the fruit in the molds, fill up with coconut water and put in the freeze to solidify. Even f your child only likes one kind of fruit, this is the perfect way to steer them in the right direction. Later on you might be able to add in some other colors little by little.

Fritos Chips

Kids love chips just like adults and if your child is anything like mine, he use request them on a daily basis. (this too months to break!) Chips are an awesome, easy crunchy snack to keep your tummy full but they also have a bad rep. Why not give this healthier, non-processed version a shot? You can control how much of each spice you’d like in them to get not only the flavor where you want it but those sodium levels in check!


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Recipe can be found here.