5 Last Minute Gifts to Grab Just In Time for Christmas

last minutePIN IT!It happens every year, I’m so excited because I’ve finally finished Christmas shopping. I’m wrapping the final gifts that I got when it dawns on me. I FORGOT SOMEONE! Of course, its days before Christmas and now I’m in a panic to find something for them. Well have no fear this year! I’ve put together a quick list of 5 last minute gifts to grab for the procrastinators and absent minded people like myself.

A Cook Book

wildeatsPIN IT!If you’re a mom like me and pack your child’s lunch everyday, it eventually gets boring. The kids complain that they’re tired of eating the same thing or that they want to eat school lunch, etc. The Wild Eats and Adorable Treats Cook Book is an awesome way to fix this and step up your lunch packing game. Its full of recipes and tutorials of meals you can pack for your little one every day.

Mandala Coloring Book

Last Minute Gifts to GrabPIN IT!I mean, could this get any cooler? Grown up coloring books are probably the greatest thing since sliced bread. I loved coloring as a child because I can’t draw. I may be a creative person but fine art was never my strong suit. Now that adult coloring books are in, I can enjoy coloring again without looking ridiculous. The My Masterpiece Mandala coloring book is full of easy to difficult mandalas to color.

Crown Necklaces

Last Minute Gifts to GrabPIN IT!What woman doesn’t want to be treated like a queen? These imperial crown necklaces come together for you to show off whatever metal color you’re feeling or you can give one away as a gift to your bestie, sister, daughter, etc.

A New Game

Last Minute Gifts to GrabPIN IT!I have only met a handful of people who don’t enjoy board games so why not pick one up and join in on the fun! Most recently tried the KOVOT Basketball Shot Glass game and loved it. This is probably hands down one of the best drinking games out there. If you play this game with men they get incredibly competitive and drink themselves silly! There are no instructions on how to play so you can make up your own rules and play any way you’d like.

Knott Art

Last Minute Gifts to GrabPIN IT!Love all the retail stuff but something different and more thoughtful? Check out Knott Art and grab a custom piece of your choice. From colorful abstract pieces to simple quotes, there is a piece for everyone.


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