5 Must Watch Movies When You’re Pregnant

Being pregnant takes a toll on you to say the least but sometimes you can find a little comic relief and what better way to do that than movies? From laughter to tears, here are my 5 must watch movies when you’re pregnant:


movies when you're pregnant



When I first watched Juno I didn’t think I was going to like it but sure enough I loved it! I had an original post framed, dressed as Juno for Halloween during my second pregnancy. I even have…a hamburger phone, haha!





Knocked Up.



Pretty much a classic and really brought a new funny perspective to one night stands. Well, not that one night stands are funny but the reality of them was displayed nicely.






Away We Go.



Away we go was a B-title movie and went straight to dvd if I recall correctly. This movie really demonstrates the difference in parenting types from one extremely to the other. I was really impressed.






What To Expect When You’re Expecting.



Another comedic aspect, What to Expect When You’re Expecting also shines light to how different every pregnancy can be. Even when you are so excited to be pregnant, things can get hard. Seeing a group of men on daddy patrol and their comedic aspects of being a dad is great as well.





Baby Mama.



Last but certainly not least is Baby Mama. This movie hands down, is the funniest pregnancy movie I’ve ever seen. I was rolling when I watched this and the fact that it was a about a white trash surrogate and a wealthy single mom was a winning combo.