5 New Cabinet Trends For Updating Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. You need to keep the space neat and organized for functionality while maintaining a welcoming place for people to gather. Cabinetry and storage take up the majority of your kitchen, so it’s worth taking time to update these essentials. Try these trends for a modern and feature-packed kitchen.

Roll-Out Storage

Cabinet Trends For Updating Your Kitchen

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Gone are the days of boring stationary shelving. You can now make the most of deep cabinets with sliding shelves and bins that pull out for easy access to items stored in the back. You can opt for a simple drawer or install a highly specialized cookware organizer. Add tiers for spices, ventilated wire bins for produce, or a handy cleaning caddy complete with a paper towel holder. This trend is so popular, you’ll find pull-out options to fit any space.

Simple Cabinet Faces

Sleek and streamlined are the most popular styles for kitchen cabinetry. Simple doors with a recessed center are the predominant trend. Clean white is a timeless choice that fits well with transitional cabinetry. Painted maples and cherry are ideal for warming up an otherwise cool space. Grey has ruled the home decorating space in recent years, and a warm wood tone is the ideal complement for this, keeping the space welcoming rather than cold.

Understated Hardware

Cabinet Trends For Updating Your Kitchen

If you want to update your kitchen in one quick afternoon, changing out the hardware is the perfect way to go. You can remove your existing cabinet and drawer pulls and replace them in minutes for a look that’s entirely fresh and new. The hottest trend in cabinet hardware is very similar to the trending style for the doors. Stainless steel and brushed nickel are the most popular picks, in traditional shapes and clean lines.

Additional Storage

Cabinet trends are extending beyond the built-ins to include stand-alone storage that’s carefully customized for a particular task. Free-standing cabinets and sideboards are widely available to help you make the most of any available kitchen space without undertaking a major renovation. For storage with supreme flexibility, look for something on wheels — or simply add casters to your own favorite cart. With basic tools, lumber, and a free weekend, you can even construct an entire piece from scratch for the ultimate in customization.

Open Shelves

If you want additional storage but you’re bored with traditional cabinets, try open shelving instead. This gives you all the conveniences of an enclosed cabinet with the bright pop of interest that comes from keeping your dishes and cooking equipment on display. Line up your favorite decorative mugs and bowls, show off your spice collection, or keep cookbooks on hand. You can mount shelving almost anywhere. You even have the option to increase its usefulness with custom touches like hooks for dish towels or kitchen tools mounted to the front or bottom.

Also, brass and gold hardware are widely used for cabinets. These handles will make your cabinets pop
and add a sleek and elegant look to your kitchen. In addition, some porcelain handles will add a bold
statement to your space and will give your room more texture. These hardware options are timeless and
will never go out of style. Visit this site to learn more home design tips on how to decorate your kitchen.

Whether you’re gearing up for a major renovation or looking for an easy weekend project that will perk things up, you can find an intriguing way to update your kitchen cabinetry.



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