5 Songs to Never Play if You’re a Fitness Instructor

fitness instructorPIN IT!I mean this in the nicest way possible. However, I’m so over trying out new instructors and finding out that they’re using outdated music. For me, it’s an instant no to me ever attending your class again. If I can’t vibe with the music then I can’t vibe with the instructor and I know I’m not alone in this. So in the kindest way I know how, here are 5 songs to never play if you’re a fitness instructor.

J-Lo – Dance Again & Goin In

J-Lo is a catchy artist so coming up with fitness routines for her songs has to be cake. However, you missed the keyword in that statement, catchy. Everyone and their mother jumped on these songs when they came out and it lasted for a period. As soon as I hear a J-Lo song come on, I’m immediately discouraged that I’m about to do the same cheesy moves. I love her music and every once in a while a throwback is nice but when you’re just like all the other “stuck” instructors, its time to move on.

Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us

For the love of Buddha people, Macklemore is played every 10 minutes on the radio. Everyone gets annoyed hearing that often in their car, they don’t want to come work out to the same music as well. Macklemore is a good artist and using his hits are great for about 3 months then its time to move on. Not to mention, am I the only that finds all of his music repetitive and practically the same beats?

80’s music

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes you can make as an instructor. Your classes, though filled with a variety of ages, is probably mostly millennials. Don’t get me wrong, we love 80’s music too but we don’t like pretending to “rock it out” when we are trying to burn calories. The 80’s ended almost 30 years ago.

Beyonce – Girls

The biggest problem with this song is that not only is it overdone but its long. Not in the okay let’s do this long but in the what the cheese and rice?! Is this song over yet type of way. We got it, girls rule the world but when you when we have to hear for 5 minutes straight, you start to question if you care about ruling the world any longer.

Usher – Scream

When I first did a dance to this song in Zumba, I was hooked. I loved how hard the dance would make me push myself and the thrill. After 4 years, the song doesn’t have the same excitement as it used to hold. Instructors playing and creating routines to this song all these years later need to consider maybe it’s not the best idea.

  • angie

    so many songs I love moving to you have listed here. Glad I am not a fitness instructor I most likely would make th wrong choices

  • regina malloy

    i love music while working out it really gets me going and inspored

  • Rebecca Swenor

    This is awesome information for any fitness instructor. I laughed when you said the 80’s were 30 yrs ago because I grow up listening to the 80’s music. Thanks for sharing the list.

  • Lisa

    I love all the songs on your list. I too grew up in the 80’s!

  • Sandra Crespo

    I can see why these were hits for fitness instructors they are super catchy!

  • Rosey

    I’m still trying to digest that the 80s ended almost 30 years ago. Man, time flies!! 🙂

  • Gian Thu Ho

    It’s amazing that you even write articles on this aspect, music for fitness instructors! I never know these songs before, but there must be a reason behind your suggestion not to use these songs in a fitness class. Helpful, indeed!

  • LeWahn

    These are super interesting choices of music but it can definitely help fitness instructors to always have trending music for their trainees.

  • sarah

    I need to hear these songs and see why fitness instructors shouldn’t play them.

  • Gee Villaruz

    I join zumba sessions and the music depends on the theme. But if there is no particular theme, the instructors usually uses the music that is popular nowadays – hulahoop, despacito and some local songs.