5 Ways to Handle Pesky Critters in Arizona + Giveaway

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Everyone has that one critter that makes their skin crawl, especially if you live in Arizona. The heat makes the craziest creepy crawlies come out of their hiding places. Whether your critter arch nemesis is the tarantula or the centipede or everything in between, it’s time to handle these unwanted crawlies like a boss. Check out these ways to handle pesky critters in Arizona.

First of all, know they exist

For those of us, who live in Arizona, it’s time to stop avoiding the fact that we have pesky critters in this part of the world. It’s safe to say that we also have some of the worst! You’re better off facing the fact that they do exist, instead of pretending they don’t. Trust me!

Use the “warding off” method when you can

I have no desire to spend my days hunting down these pesky critters close to my home. However, one trick I do have is warding off as many of these critters as I can. If there is something I can use to keep them away, I do! For example, not leaving trash in my backyard is one way to keep some of these pests away. I try to keep things as clean and tidy as possible! A little trick I discovered was keeping a bird feeder in my backyard. The birds are fed and happy, but they also help keep some of the grossest bugs away from my house!

Make sure you have no holes on the outside of your house

Also known as sealing your home, you want to make sure there is no way for these bugs to get into your home. This task isn’t always easy because bugs and critters can find their way into the smallest hole. Take the time to look for these holes and then fill them! Look for screens that may have the tiniest hole in them. Spraying bug-spray around your house isn’t a bad idea. By keeping certain bugs out, you’ll also keep other unwanted critters away. Did you know that the scorpion loves crickets?

Yard maintenance is a must

One of the most popular critter in Arizona that we’re all trying to avoid is the snake. There are a few deadly snake species around here. There are also non-deadly snake species that just scare us all to death! With this in mind, yard maintenance is a must. Snakes like to hide in places that we are least expecting. You can avoid inviting these creatures into your yard by keeping up on your yard. Make sure you have zero clutter in your backyard. A good example would be random toys where grass can grow exceptionally tall around. Also, keep your trees and bushes as trimmed as possible! Make sure you don’t leave containers laying around in which water can collect.

Call the professionals

At the end of the day, you can only do so much! You might drive yourself crazy trying to keep these pesky pests away from your home. It’s more than okay to call the professionals. Responsible Pest Control Services is known for their impeccable scorpion and pest control services in the valley. They use responsible methods to keep your family and pets safe. Not only that, they GUARANTEE pest control of pesky critters at affordable prices. Sounds like a win, win, right?!

Currently, Responsible Pest Control Services is hosting a Worst Scorpion Infestation Contest 2018 for the Greater Phoenix AZ Valley area! So many valley residents have a “worst” scorpion infestation story so why not share it? Everyone who submits their story will be entered for a chance to win an entire year of free pest and specialized scorpion control.

You don’t have to wait to win the contest though! Responsible Pest Control Services is the best pest control service in the area so if you don’t want a horror story with those pesky Arizona critters of your own, give them a call today!

  • melbourne family photographer Fran Jorgensen

    I never thought about handling scorpions! In Australia we mainly get snakes up in the north but nothing deadly in my state!! Thank you for all the handy tips, I can use them against mice!

  • andrea

    my friend recently moved to Arizona and was telling me about all the yucky critters that are appearing all of a sudden and she as someone who lived in Colorado wasn’t expecting it. I am def gonna pass this along to her.

  • Kim gatliff

    I was moving my parents and saw a fat scorpion, grabbed a hammer like any same person would, smashed her but in the morning process all her babies simultaneously flew threw the air landing in my hair and everywhere I got stung a few times by the time my dad got to me my shirt was half on and my hair looked as though I’d been in a hurricane….he said….dont you remember me telling you always look before you squish….then my son has been stung on his ear and arm while in bed talk about wanting your mom at 18 years old….I hate scorpions

  • Monidipa Dutta

    Too much to take in. Though I am not afraid of anything except cockroaches but still. Get info for me.

  • Michelle bryant

    My boys (9&10) at time were at my mom’s n saw what looked like a fat scorpion. My dumb axx decides to squash it with my shoe as, what probably was 25+ baby scorpions, squirted out of it scaring my boys. I mean, scared like jump on table screaming (enter screams like a girl who just saw a mouse). Needless to say, they aren’t huge fans of bugs , spiders, all pests.

  • Sarah Fatima

    I am very afraid of all these things especially lizards. Lizards are so yucky. Thank God I live in the safe place but these tips are really useful.

  • Melani Lukito

    OMG, it looks like a Holywood film story. I hope you can handle it safely.

  • Rosey

    We had some moles that would tear up the yard when we lived up north. You’d be running in the yard and all the sudden your leg would buckle because your foot went in a hole. -_-

  • Shanelle

    I don’t live in AZ but my friend does and I remember seeing some pesky critters out there!

  • alison netzer

    Super important to sure up the home so critters don’t get in. They always seem to get in, but I guess we built on their homes too.

  • Crystal Weaver

    I don’t have scorpions but I have had insect problems. I had bees come flying out of my bathtub and into my bedroom. I’m allergic. First guy that came out sprayed and that was it, they were gone. Year later I heard a noise under my bathtub. Called another person out, they just sprayed. Got fed up and called my Dad for assistance. Pulled out the bathtub found over 10lbs of honey comb attached to the drywall, insulation, and bathtub. Found the hole filled it and reinstalled everything. Also had a cricket/ant problem. Previous owners installed a wood floor in the kitchen and didn’t seal it properly. Saw about 10 crickets crawl kitchen. It would keep me up all night. Got pissed off one day and ripped the floor out and threw it out side. Found over a 100 crickets dead and alive and it smelled awful.

  • Genny

    That is an excellent idea with birds because many of them feed on big caterpillars, beetles, grubs, and another kind of insects and spiders that they find near their territory

  • Ada

    I absolutely hate critters! These are definitely some great tips to avoid them coming into your house.