5 Weeks | Second Pregnancy

Pregnancy Number TwoPIN IT!Its been a month exactly since I’ve posted but I’ve had a lot going on honestly. So to catch everyone up and it turns out that I am expecting baby number 2! This was actually a big surprise considering we decided we were going to wait at least a year before we wanted to try having little ones but fate saw another path.

Its funny to think back to 3-4 years ago and how badly I wanted a second child. All my friends were popping out babies left and right and I was stuck feeling miserable. Though it turned out to be for the best since my husband was cheating and we ended up getting a divorce.  Thankfully fate knew what was up and decided to make sure a second child didn’t happen until now. Its amazing what a good man in your life can do for you. So here is to many more pregnancy posts and being more consistent about it!