6 Simple Upgrades to Give Your Apartment Unique Style

When you rent, you can’t overhaul your entire space with huge renovations to make it fit your style. Sometimes, landlords won’t event let you paint or hang many things on the walls. Thankfully, the furniture, rugs, and decorations you go for are completely up to you! With some creativity, you can express your personal style inside your apartment, even within certain limitations.

Use Wall Decals

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If white walls aren’t your thing and your landlord won’t let you paint, then wall decals are your answer. They come in a variety of patterns and styles to help you create the perfect accent wall. You can find them in monochromatic squares and rectangles, too, if you prefer bold shapes over patterns and designs.

Add New Pulls to the Cabinets

Change the look of your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry with new knobs and pulls. Keep the old hardware so you can put it back when you move out, and get creative by buying new cabinet knobs. Try something sleek and simple that matches for an elegant look, or get an eclectic mix with bright colors and patterns to give you rooms a funky twist.

Hang Curtains

At first, changing your curtains may not seem like an exciting way to add uniqueness to your interior decor. Curtains are versatile when you think about it. When you hang them higher than the windows, you create the illusion that the ceiling is higher than it really is. Plus, window treatments are a great way to add some color, texture, and patterns to your walls and your room in general without painting.

Get Growing

Upgrades to Give Your ApartmentPIN IT!

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Not everyone has a green thumb, but if you do, add some plants to your apartment. Small plants in cute pots look great on shelves, windowsills, and in the center of tables. Even if you’re terrible at taking care of plants, try a cactus. They come in many attractive varieties, and they’ll be perfectly fine if you forget to water them for a month or two.

Lay Area Rugs

Upgrades to Give Your ApartmentPIN IT!

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Break up the monotony of monochromatic walls and floors with area rugs. If your apartment has carpet, then woven area rugs would look intriguing on top of it because they highlight the texture differences between the two. You don’t have to lay your area rug square with the walls, either. Try it at a few angles for a more interesting living room look.

Let There Be Light

Lights are key when it comes to decorating. You can use them to highlight certain areas of a room, to make the ceiling look taller, or to create a cozy environment. The lamps and fixtures themselves may also be statement pieces if you choose. Get a few lamps, or a string of lanterns, that speak to your personal style.

As you can see, what goes inside your apartment is completely up to you. You may face a few limitations as a renter, but you still have plenty of decor options.