6 Weeks | Twins Bumpdate

Like you all know, I found out I was pregnant 3 weeks ago and had an ultrasound set up to check the viability of the baby. To my surprise, guess who’s carrying twins?! Yep. My father in law and husband were both joking about me having twins, specifically boys, but twins none the less. I warned them it runs in my family and here we are.

I went into the ultrasound excited to see our baby, hear its heartbeat, if possible, and have some cute little dino looking photos. As the tech was scanning around, I kept seeing what looked like another sac. The tech was even labeling things as “A” but I was like, hey, maybe it’s something to do with sonography. Once she finished with Baby A she goes, did you know you were having twins?

Needless to say, my face dropped. I was like no, really?! She laughed and was like yep. I was so shocked and couldn’t believe it. It seemed surreal and wasn’t sure how to process it other than shock. I called my husband and told him immediately and he was more shocked than I was.

During the ultrasound, I learned that the babies are sitting front and back of each other. Baby B is sitting more to the back so when the tech got the measurements and heart rate of him/her, it was lower and smaller than Baby A. The doctor told me afterward that though she is slightly concerned about the difference, that it may just be the distance of Baby B from the wand.

We have another ultrasound in two weeks to make sure both babies are doing well. The doctor changed my due date to April 13th which moved me about 5 days back from what I thought I would be. Though it was a big bump, I’m just happy that I have to two healthy babies currently.

Twins BumpdatePIN IT!WEEKLY Twins Bumpdate

How far along:
6 weeks

How big are the twins:
The size of a green pea, two peas in a pod to be more specific!

Weight gain this week (followed by total weight gain for this pregnancy thus far):
0 pounds so far, hopefully, we only go down from here!

Maternity clothes:
I’ve busted them out but haven’t started wearing them yet. With the amount of bloat and everything else that’s going down, I’m sure I’ll start wearing them soon!

Stretch marks:
Nothing new, only old.

Belly button:

Sleep has become a struggle. When I fall asleep, I’m out of it for a good 6 hours, even with pee breaks. After 6 hours though, once I get up for that pee break I can’t fall back asleep. Also, the vivid pregnancy dreams have been going on for almost a week now.

Best moment(s) of the week:
Finding out we’re having twins!

Food cravings:
Chips & Salsa which isn’t anything new for me just more wanted now.

Food aversions:
None really yet though ground turkey/beef is starting to turn me off.

Back pain…yay. Peeing a ton. Feeling super exhausted.

Too early for that!

I’m going to guess that I’m having one boy and one girl.

What I’m looking forward to:
Our next ultrasound to see our twins again!

What I’m nervous about:
Both babies not making it. 🙁

What I miss:
My kiwi red bulls for sure. It’s hard to stay awake!

Next appointment:
2 weeks!


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