7 Compelling Reasons Why Coffee Was Made for Mothers

made for mothersPIN IT!A quick high five to all the mothers who chuckled after reading this title and immediately want to relate to the content. With the hectic schedule and tiresome tasks, the life of a mother sees no holidays. It is really difficult to cope up with the daily chores, from time to time and multitasking as well. Handling kids is the most difficult part of the job, am I right? To get through the day, most of you rely on a few cups of coffee which boosts energy and provides a working flow to get your tasks done. Let us take a look at the details on how exactly this asset (many of you might refer to coffee as a cup of heaven) helps you get going.

A kick start to the day

How many of you feel dreary in the morning and wish that you could sleep throughout the day? We all know that you simply cannot! Mothers are literally banned from taking extra rest or wasting any time in the morning. Your household and family members are entirely dependent on you and they wouldn’t get going for the day if you refuse to get out of bed. A study shows mothers have 26 morning tasks, yeah we do work much. That is when coffee comes into play. A steaming cup of coffee in the morning, immediately after waking up, awakens your senses entirely and gives you the energy to get going. Preparing breakfast? Check. Getting kids ready for the school? Check. Finding your husband his wallet and matching socks? Check, check.

Helps you feel happy and lively

Many times, you may feel like running away to some faraway land, where you wouldn’t need to respond to your in-laws or help solve the tiffs between your kids. Coffee helps to keep you feel involved, interested and happy. It controls your mood swings at different levels and helps you get physically and mentally involved.

A late night companion

Being a mother comes with the duty of staying up till late and waking up early. I am sure you must have a million reasons on why you are not able to go back to bed early. Your kid’s assignments and projects? Your husband’s daily routine conversations? Cleaning up the house after a party? Pre-preparation for the next day? Or probably your favorite TV show which you has missed in the noon? You are free to add other reasons in which coffee helps you stay awake till late (and I am sure you could prepare a never ending list for the same).

Running errands

It is that time of the month when you need to go shop for your groceries, run important errands and complete certain outdoor tasks that concern your family members. The first thing that mothers do is purchase a steaming cup of coffee from the nearest coffee shop and then drive their way to the supermarket. If you go out to clean your car right away, I am sure you would find a bunch of empty coffee cups lying scattered. There are also days when you take up cleaning the house for a whole day, cleaning up the kitchen and dusting the ceilings. You know that you have to keep the coffee machine on for the full day at that time.

made for mothersPIN IT!Gets you going during events

You already have a busy schedule every day and to top it, you just have an upcoming event at your place. Events such as birthday parties, housewarming, kiddie parties, family get together and informal friends’ meetings occur at regular intervals, with one of them occupying each month. You being the host of them all, have a big responsibility and no help to organize these events. That is when you take the company of a number of mugs of steaming coffee. You have no clue on how many cups you have had while you have prepared the snacks, cleaned up the mess and arranged the decorations.

A regular habit

Having said that, drinking coffee has been such a regular part of your life that you are now addicted to it. You simply cannot go through the day without a steaming cup of coffee otherwise you become all grumpy and irritated. That caffeine has taken an important position in your life. Curing you of headaches, keeping you lively, and giving you all the energy that is required, oh yes, your best friend in a mug.

Experimenting with coffee

You have been consuming so much coffee since the past few years that you cannot get enough of it. You try to add it in all the recipes and items that you prepare. Iced or cold coffee makes for a soothing beverage on a hot afternoon. Adding it to cakes, desserts, and even savory recipes is a must try experience for you each time.

I am sure you agree with all these points and have more reasons to add furthermore. But I forgot to mention an important point here. To help you feel reenergized and enthusiastic, you need to prepare the right flavored cup for the same, and that is only possible with the right machine suiting your requirements. my personal preference is a coffee machine with a grinder, so I can brew coffee with a single click to save time. So feel free to experiment and prepare the best cup which will help you get going through this difficult life. After all, mothers on this planet suffer from OCD (Obsessive Coffee Disorder :P).

  • Brooke

    Very True Jess, Kids are our life but we all know, how much attention they need every time. My baby is just 1 and half year old and i feel she always need me. When i get tired i just brew a cup of coffee to relax.

  • Racahel

    I’m not a coffee drinker but man do I need my energy drinks in the morning. Caffeine is definitely a mom’s friend.