8 Things to Do Before You’re Due

8 Things to Do Before You're DuePIN IT!Pregnancy may only be a paltry 9 months long, but it can really feel much longer for some women. The fact is that you spend so much time focusing on the three trimesters and everything that comes with it ( like the endless OBGYN visits ), and you forget about preparing for after birth.

Your newborn will require a lot of attention and the level of difficulty you may have resides simply on just how prepared you are. So with that said, here are 8 important things to do before you’re due.

Find Your Baby’s Pediatrician

This might seem a bit obvious, but so many mothers out there forget to find a pediatrician for their baby. You end up scrambling last minute while plenty of other things are piling up on them. Believe me, I did this with my second one and it was a mess. Don’t be one of those mothers and take your time, ideally during the second trimester, to find an adequate doctor that is not too busy and is in your network.

Learn All You Can About How You Will Feed Your Baby

Will you breastfeed, pump, or use the formula? Each one has its benefits and negatives, but having a set choice and backup just in case will literally be a lifesaver. Even mother’s who are headstrong on breastfeeding have their struggles. Don’t be too prideful to not have a backup.

Also, a breastfeed a breast pump is a great way to in corporate family into feedings. If you are planning on using a pump, make sure to learn about the several kinds that exist and which ones are effective and safe.

Babyproof Your House

This is very important for toddlers, but babyproofing your house for your infant is also a vital step to take while you are pregnant. Fix anything that may pose a danger of tripping or falling inside the house, and most importantly prepare your dog or even get your pet special baby preparation classes if you feel uncomfortable about them interacting with your baby.

This is the epitome of preparation and something you should really think about because you do not want any accidents happening while your baby is in the house.

Split Up Household Duties With Your Partner

The first year after giving birth is very commonly associated with hard work, sleepless nights, and a lot of stress. To alleviate all of these potential problems, have a talk with your partner and try to split up household duties so that you are both on the same page after birth.

Do this while during the beginning of your third trimester while you are generally relaxed and level headed. Waiting until after the baby is here can add undue stress and make the conversation come across confrontational.

Ask For Help From Family Or Close Friends

If this is your first baby, you will not possibly be completely ready for all the trials and tribulations that will come at you when raising an infant. You will definitely need help, and it’s pivotal that you let your family or close friends know beforehand.

Ask them if they would be able to help you in any way so that you can spend more time sleeping and less time stressing. If they offer to help, don’t be shy to say yes! We can all use the help and you can reciprocate the next time they are in a tough situation.

Pack Your Hospital Bag and Make Plans

This one is specifically for the day you give birth, but is still important nonetheless. Firstly, pack your hospital bag with the essential items that you will need to spend the night at the hospital. Once everything is packed now you need to make plans for your other children and pets. Lining up a babysitter and petsitter ahead of time is the way to go.

After you’ve taken care of that, you need to figure out who will be coming with you during birth. This includes who will be in the room with you and should include only people you trust the absolute most. Aside from that, other family and friends should take note that you will need a lot of rest after labor and having people pop in and out all the time will certainly get in the way.

Install the Carseat

Think installing a carseat is quick and easy? Wrong. If you can do it quickly then you’re probably doing it wrong. Make sure to read the carseat manual and install it correctly meeting all safety standards. If you’re feeling unsure about the installation at all, don’t hesitate to reach out. Many fire stations, police stations, and hospitals have trained workers who can install it for you for free.

Be sure not to install it too soon though, its probably best to wait until 37 weeks on. Why is that? If you were to get into an accident with the car seat in the car, even without a child in it, its integrity would be compromised. This means you would be dropping more money on a brand new car seat right before you’re due.

Inform Your Employer and Take Advantage Of Maternity Leave Benefits

If you are working, you should absolutely speak with your HR department about all the maternity leave benefits that apply in your country. Since different countries have different laws on this and they vary heavily, the amount of benefits you get will really differ.

Let your employer know early during your pregnancy so that they can prepare for your leave with no issues. If you plan on returning to work, let them know very confidently that you have no plans to be a stay at home mom.

Taking care of your baby will test your patience and physical/mental endurance as a person. This 8 things to do before baby arrives checklist will help you be prepared and ready for giving birth. Keep in mind that the road will still be filled with many obstacles. Regardless, your baby will make everything you must go through a worthy proposition.

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    Very useful article Jess! Especially since I am currently pregnant and tiptoing back and forth thinking about what I need to plan for.

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    These are all great tips. It’s so important to get all your ducks in a row before the baby comes. After he or she arrives, it’s going to be a mad house.

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    My sister-in-law is about to have a baby and I will have to tell her about this post because I am not sure if she has done everything yet. The more help the better I figure.

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    I remember doing most of these things when I was pregnant with my kids. It is hard to believe that it has been almost 6 years that I gave birth to my youngest son. I was so paranoid with my water breaking at work, that I packed extra clothes in a bag and kept them in my car at the very end. I felt a ton of pressure with him..

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    I breastfed and when I had extra milk, I would pump and freeze it as a backup option. I did not ever use formula because I didn’t like how it made their tummies react.

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    Great tips! I did several of these before my due date and it made life so much easier and steamlined when my baby boy arrived

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