A Chocolate A Day Could Keep the Doctor Away

Chocolate a dayYes, you read that right! Imagine being able to enjoy a healthy 55% cocoa dark chocolate square every single day and not feeling guilty about it. Color Earth has created a one of a kind dark chocolate multivitamin and its fantastic!

Not only is the Belgian chocolate delicious but you also can’t taste one ounce of that nasty vitamin taste. Chocolate A Day Multivitamins are gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, non-GMO, and contains no preservatives or fillers. Each square is also less than 1 net carb each! I’m not sure you could find a healthier square of chocolate for you out there.

Now for the best part! Color Earth is going to award one winner per day over 20 days to win a year supply of Chocolate A Day! Want to win a years worth of healthy chocolate vitamins then enter below and cross your fingers for a chance to win on the dates below. Good Luck!

May 5 – May 15

June 9 – June 19 

Not interested in entering to win and just want to buy a bag? Great! You can do so here and know that for every bag of Chocolate A Day Multivitamins you purchase, Color Earth will plant a tree in the developing world—growing food, restoring soil and building a sustainable future for families in rural communities all over the globe.