Adopting Our Third Dog

As many of you know we adopted our second dog 5 months ago. Durke Durka Durka Nowitsky was a 3-month-old Australian Shepherd puppy that just looked like the most innocently pathetic puppy ever. He was in a kennel just staring up at me wanting to be loved but staying ever so calm.

Well once we got him out of that prison and got him home that calm facade faded quickly. He became our rambunctious, chewing, sweetheart of a dog. Durke is now 8 months old and though very obedient he is still incredibly wired and hyper. We take Durke to the dog park fairly often but he still has endless amounts of energy. So much so that we started to consider adopting a third dog.

We looked at quite a few dogs before coming upon this sweet Australian Cattle dog. He was quietly wagging his tail in excitement begging for our attention. We walked over to greet him and give him some love and as soon as I got a closer look at those gorgeous eyes I was sold. He was so sweet and loving and just wanted to be loved.

After a ridiculous amount of hassle in the adoption process and a meet and greet later, we knew he was our dog. Since bringing him home to meet the rest of the gang, he has solidified our feelings in knowing that he was the right dog for us. We gave him the name Django and him and Durke have been best play fighting friends since.

We strongly believe in pet adoption versus buying dogs and puppies. With so many people rehoming pets these days, it is the only choice that makes sense to us. We are content with our fur family currently but in the future, we would love to be able to adopt a German Shepard.

Do you have any fur babies in your family? What kind of dog are they? How many do you have?

  • Paul

    I have a 3 year old boxer and he is just as rowdy as Durke seems to be! He was adopted from the local shelter and I couldn’t be happier providing him a home

  • Rachel

    super cute puppies! We had the same situation when he adopted our first! He was sweet and great with the children but would tear our furniture up. Got him trained and all is good!

  • Edward

    I am so happy that your adoptions fit so good with your family. I also thing that adopting is better than buying because you change the life of the dog and he gives you so much love!

  • Jess

    Beautiful story and pet! i was just at the humane society wish i would’ve took a pet home.. Adopting a pet is a wonderful choice so many pets need saved

  • Sam

    I had a very similar process with buying my pug. Much prefer adopting!

  • Matt

    I completely agree that adoption should be the norm instead of buying. So many animals out there are waiting for a home! Hopefully seeing stories like yours will encourage people to give it a try.