Affordable Breast-like Bottles For Breastfeeders

When I had my first son breastfeeding was an awkward way to feed a child in my eyes. I stuck with it in the beginning but sadly enough we both ended up with thrush. Due to the pain of breastfeeding with thrush I was told to pump. I did some searching around and decided on Playtex drop in bottles.

Now that I’ve made it over the hump with breastfeeding little man number two, I have started pumping and testing out new bottles. I wanted to find the best match for my son’s latch as well as fitting to my own breast but also practical bottles that can be reused for another child down the road. These are the top three winners for affordable breast-like bottles for breastfeeders.

1. Playtex Drop In Bottles

playtex drop ins

Yep, that’s right. The Playtex bottles made their way through the competition again. At $7 a bottle you can’t beat it!

What makes them so awesome:

  • easy clean up since they use disposable liners
  • come with 3 stages of nipples with increasing flows as your baby ages
  • soft nipples that have a short “nip” and a thicker base to mimic a real breast

What makes them not so awesome:

  • disposable liners are also terrible for the environment even though I try to recycle them
  • if you’re out and about and don’t have an extra bottle then you either have to rinse the one you already used or have an angry baby

2. Avent Natural Latch Bottles


I actually received this bottle from Avent as a sample and put off using it until I was out of clean bottles and I fell in love! Baby M latches on the bottle the same as he does me and and its soft but not so soft that it leaks when tipped over. These have become my new favorite $7 bottle.

What makes them so awesome:

  • doesn’t leak when held upside down
  • shallow nipple and very wide base like a natural breast
  • 3 different nipple flows as your baby grows

What makes them not so awesome:

  • nothing that i’ve noticed so far!

3. Munchkin Latch Bottles



I saw a flyer in my baby items from a baby registry and thought this was a cool new bottle with an interesting design so I was eager to try it. We bought a $30 started kit that came with 2 small bottles, 2 large bottles, pump converter rings, a cleaning brush, and a pacifier.

What makes them so awesome:

  • the bending nipple
  • two different nipple flows for your baby grows
  • has a special cleaning brush that fits the bottle perfectly when cleaning

What makes them not so awesome:

  • the nipple sinks in when its suckled so you have to let air back for it to inflate again
  • the cap on the bottle is huge and awkward

No matter which of these three bottles you decide to try out, all of them are affordable and great options!