AirBundle iPhone 6 Armband Review

I received the AirBundle iPhone 6 Armband in exchange for an honest review. When I received the armband it came in just a plastic baggy when I opened it up. Not that big of a deal I suppose but for anyone who knows me, I love nice packaging. It just sets a presence for the product in my opinion.

The armband itself felt kind of thin and flimsy compared to other bands I have used before which could have been a good or bad thing. When I slid my iPhone 6 into it, it fit just right and snug. The band around my arm fit without problem as well. My problem with the band is that it kept chaffing my skin when I would lift or run. This may be due to the size of my arms which are a little larger than normal.

The armband also has little reflectors around it which is nice for those who run outside when the sun is going down. I prefer to run late at night so this is a great feature to have for me. When running, the armband also did do a good job at keeping my phone dry and not letting my sweat leak through.

Overall I liked the armband but due to the chaffing and irritation on my skin, I will have to pass on using it daily. I hate that feeling on my arm but that might just be a personal problem. If you’re interested in checking one out for yourself. Feel free to do so here: