All About Beach Weddings

all about beach weddings

Sun, Sand, and Flip Flops

Ready for a wedding that will not only make the bride happy, but that will also bring a smile to the wedding party and the invited guests?  The venue that has become one of the most popular backdrops for some of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies ever seen is a tropical, laid-back, breath-taking beach location.  The popularity of seaside weddings has increased in the past few years because the attire can be lovely, but casual, the location can be exotic, but comfortable, and the budget can be extravagant or moderate.

Wedding Attire

Naturally, the bride will decide on the ambiance she prefers for the occasion, but her choices as to dress, menu, and activities can take on a more casual tone when the nuptials are taking place on the sand of a sunny, ocean-side paradise.  The wedding dress can be flowing and cool, with bare feet as an acceptable footwear choice.  Cotton or linen shirts with drawstring pants are perfect for the groom and male guests, while sundresses and sandals will ensure the ladies are comfortable and playful.


Because the reception might very well take place on the beach, formal dining seating could be at a premium.  Food that can be eaten standing, or seated on the sand might include finger foods (chicken strips, skewered fruits or vegetables, small sandwiches) cool and plentiful drink options and desserts that can be eaten easily and neatly (cookies, small cups of sherbet, brownies).


Don’t waste all your money on purchasing chairs, linens, flatware and more. Searching to find the cheapest price can become a headache in itself for so opt for rentals. There tons of options for wedding furniture rentals so finding something that’s your style should be no problem. By using rentals for wedding necessities, you don’t have to worry about the setup or take down. You can pick what you love and enjoy your big day.


With such beautiful surroundings to enjoy, the guests may simply prefer to relax and take in the fresh sea breeze.  A steel drum band, drummers, local entertainers, a limbo line, a tour of the area, and a photo booth are activities in which all ages can delight.  In some venues, an artist can paint caricatures or real-life images of the guests and wedding party.  The beach is also a perfect location for a variety of physical games (volley ball, races, castle-building), or games that can be enjoyed by all ages, such as checkers, scrabble, and charades.

Wedding Gifts

If you are a guest, buying something special for the lucky couple is that little bit easier with a beach wedding. Theme your wedding gift around the location. If you’re on a budget a bucket and spade will lend a playful touch to the day and is bound to feature in the photography. Or pool your efforts and keep the theme alive with a weekend break away to a seaside destination. Anything that reminds the bride of her magical day by the seaside is a sure fire winner, so incorporate shells, sunshine and the sea into anything you buy for a sure fire hit.

Wedding Favors

A small gift for all attendees, especially one that is in keeping with the seaside theme, would be appropriate as a memento of the wedding.  A much-appreciated favor for the ladies, who are guests, would be a pair of flip-flops and sun tan lotion tied up with sisal and a sea shell. For the men, a fitting treat would be flip -flops wrapped with a small bottle of sand from the beach, inside which is placed a tiny rectangle of paper (about the size of a fortune cookie paper) containing a message from the bride and groom.

All attendees and attendants will return home with sand in their shoes (traditionally, a sign that they will return to that beach), wind-blown hair, and a memory that will not soon be forgotten.