Amazing and Easy Home Renovation Ideas for 2016

table-791584_1920PIN IT!Are you stuck in boring living spaces that bring you down? Not satisfied by your current home interior? Want to spruce up and renovate but out of clever ideas? We have all been there. Discover some brilliant home renovating tips that you will love.

Whether you are planning a simple spruce-up or have decided on a complete remodeling project, these ideas will be equally useful.

Breathe New Life Into Your Home

2015 brought new home renovation ideas, but the year is to end in a few months and experts are already planning what to bring the hungry crowd for 2016. Below are some trends that expected to be ‘in’ next year. It is not too early to start planning!

Fix your Lighting

Good lighting creates a cozy and comfortable environment for you, your family and guests. Take out harsh light bulbs that make your house look like a hospital.

  • Add multiple points of light to create a layered effect.
  • Use lamps to diffuse the light
  • Always a add a dimmer to the light source
  • Avoid fluorescent tubes, use compact fluorescent light bulbs or LEDs

1.    Drum Fixtures

The drum-shaped chandelier is a classic element that will softly light up a room and works with most décor styles. It went out of fashion but is now being accepted again and is expected to be a trend in 2016.

2.    Pendant Lights

Pendant fixtures add a lovely touch to a room, use smaller ones lined up in a row instead of one big fixture. These are perfect for illuminating a specific task area.

3.    Invisible Fixtures

These are tiny lights that can be placed strategically to light up your cabinets or shelves. There is no need to have lights that are visible because it is the era of technology and you need to surprise guests with some ‘invisible fixtures’.

4.    Rail-Lights

Track lights or rail lights will light up a room that has lots of natural light. Install these for a balanced overhead illumination.

Fabric Shades

Bright bulbs give off harsh light. You can soften this effect by using fabric shades as covers. Fabric shades come in a variety of colors and patterns, choose a fabric that fits into your overall theme.

Add a Creative Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are a brilliant way to center a room. The recent designs are very creative and functional at the same time. Make sure you choose the size according to your room, nothing ruins a room faster than a ceiling fan that is obviously too big for the space. Some bright colors are being accepted now, including the likes of yellow and orange. The best is that you give your room a theme and then paint the fan as a highlight.

Mix Vintage and Modern Styles

Easy Home Renovation Ideas for 2016PIN IT!Don’t be afraid of playing with different styles, mix vintage elements with modern contemporary pieces for a quirky, eclectic effect. Vintage or restored furniture pieces work well with the sleek look of contemporary lighting fixtures.

Get a Perfectly Lit Kitchen Space

Use ambient lights, task lights and over-island lights in your kitchen. Install dimmers with all of the fixtures so the lighting will adjust to any event or mood.

Level Up Your Living Room

Transform your living room completely by creating two levels of floor space. Make a cozy conversation pit that will give your room a spacious look. Do not ‘fill’ the room with a lot of furniture. Now is the time when people prefer to have huge living rooms with just a comfortable set of couch and you should go for it as well. Drawing rooms and filled living rooms are a thing of the past.

Need More Storage Space? Stair Shelves

Build shelves to utilize the space under your staircase, the symmetric steps give a perfect geometric element to the shelves. Use it to store books or knickknacks or toys. Cabinets are also a good idea for claiming the wasted space under the stairs.

Easy Pest Extermination

Install pest-tubes inside walls to make the process of pest extermination easier. These tubes fit inside walls, and when needed, the exterminator will simply inject the chemicals into them when needed and your house will remain pest free. This trend is quickly catching on and there is no need why you should not get this one.

Kitchen and Bathroom Baseboards

You can never have too much storage space, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Add baseboard drawers to increase the storage. You can 3-D paint your bathrooms for a great look. This may be a bit expensive but is worth it with some unique ideas available.

Let in the Sunshine

Easy Home Renovation Ideas for 2016PIN IT!Letting in sunlight will brighten the room and make it feel vibrant and energizing. Install skylights to take advantage of the natural light. Try adding windows if the room doesn’t let in much sunshine.

An Artistic Wall

Frame your drawings or any old artwork that you have made. It doesn’t have to be good, it will be used to display a personal touch. Hang these on one wall in a random arrangement. You can get your kids involved and create a personal gallery.

Brighten up the Entry way

When people walk into your home, they see the entry way first. Make it look spacious by putting up a mirror and cute, vintage metallic table. Give it a welcoming feel by putting in a vase filled with fresh flowers.

Soften Hardwood Floors

A room with hardwood floors can be softened up by placing area rugs. Hardwood floors have been the answer to flooring needs for a while and will continue to reign supreme in 2016 as well.

Upholstered Walls

If you want a quieter and cozier bedroom then consider reupholstering the entire wall behind the bed. The fabric will add extra texture and depth to the overall look.

Enlarge Those Small Spaces

Give cramped spaces the illusion of more space by painting them with softer, lighter colors. Use wood and a lot of it. You can get wood in different colors and can use it to fill up spaces. The use of wood has increased due to its benefits and the fact that it gives a very unique touch to the house.

The Magic of Mirrors

Mirrors will light up a room and make the space seem larger. Install a decorative mirror in a room that feels boxed-up and it will feel more spacious. There are some amazing mirror designs available. Do not pick something boring and try to get big mirrors as they’re being appreciated a lot.

Structural Add-ons

If you are planning to make major additions then these ideas will come in handy:

1.    Add a Loft

This adds an extra room to your house, use the space as a guest-room or a living room.

2.    Adding a Deck

A deck can serve as additional outside living space. Decks are perfect for outdoor cooking and entertaining. Put up a bar rail on the deck and it will serve as an extra eating area.

Add Essential Oils to Improve the Smell<h/2>

Many people use scented candles to invoke a pleasant aroma. They also bake cookies or pies. However, if you want to add an aroma and create a healthy household, you can put essential oils in a diffuser. Let the steam enter the room. You can pick lavender essential oil for a calming effect and pleasant smell.


Hopefully these tips will help you improve the overall look of your house so you can welcome 2016 with a bang. How about a big party on the New Year’s Eve to show everyone what you have?

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    your ideas are really helpful because my new residential place is going to be renovated next month and i am very excited for that.