Are Dirt Bikes for Kids Dangerous?

Dirt Bikes for Kids Dangerous

Growing up, I remember riding dirt bikes like I remember riding a bike. The oldest three of us could spend hours riding dirt bikes or whipping around in our go cart. It was something my parents did and so naturally we followed in their foot steps. So are dirt bikes for kids dangerous?

Are they ready?

I think one of the biggest mistakes a parent can make is forcing their child on a dirt bike before they’re ready. My brother started riding when he was three but he was also riding a bike already. If your child can’t balance on a bike or in general, dirt bikes should probably wait.

Do you have the right gear?

When you think your child is ready for a dirt bike make sure you adhering to the manual. Do not opt for a larger bike than what is advised for your child. Dirt bikes are fun but they can come with injuries like many other sports. If the bike breaks at all, make sure to get fixed asap. You get some of the best kawasaki aftermarket parts for cheap without risking your child’s life. While you’re at it, you can grab some cheap yamaha accessories too to dress up some of the damage on the bike.

Safety First

Make sure your child knows not to interact with wildlife and not to ride alone. Too many accidents can happen and with no one else around, it could be fatal. Teach your child simple tips on what to do if another motorized vehicle pulls out suddenly, or if they run out of gas, or even scrap themselves, what to do. Simple tips like these can make them feel more comfortable and confident.


Though you don’t want your rider to be over confident and start showing off, they do need to be confident. Give your child encouraging words once they start mastering the appropriate sized dirt bike. I wouldn’t encourage any times of hills to jump or crazy tracks to ride. Though they can work up to this, I would give your rider an appropriate thrill for their age.

Overall dirt bikes can be dangerous for kids if you aren’t careful. As parents, we should take all precautions to avoid injury and keep safety our number one priority.

  • a nerd

    “If your child can’t balance on a bike or in general, dirt bikes should probably wait.”

    I don’t understand why you think waiting until the child can balance on the bike, JUST PUT THE DANG TRAINING WHEELS ON!!