Arizona Spartan Sprint 2016 Recap

This year marked my 4th year running and completing the Arizona Spartan Sprint. Its crazy to think that 3 years ago I ran my first Spartan Race and didn’t love it to now where I find it to be one of the most rewarding races to complete. I even became part of the Spartan Street Team which I’m stoked about!

I had a little bit of cardio under my belt and no health issues thankfully so I was hoping to finish strong and hopefully beat our previous times. The course this time around was set up completely different which was refreshing. There were a couple of wanted and unwanted changes though.

arizona spartan sprintSome of the good changes were the slip wall being outside of the water. This was one of my most dreaded obstacles because I have seen and heard of so many breaking their ankles which always made me cautious. The “tester” obstacle was a slack line which was nice but it they allowed people to help you across which made it cake. If they hadn’t of allowed that then I’m many people would have failed.

arizona spartan sprintSome of the not so awesome changes were the rope climb being out of the water now. Something about falling on the ground versus water is not something I look forward to as a possibility. Another obstacle I didn’t care for was the fact that they wouldn’t allow you to get any help over the 6ft walls. Since when did this become a thing? I understand it makes it harder but what happens to no Spartan left behind in that case?

arizona spartan sprintOverall I had a blast like I do every year and we completed the run in under 2 hours which is the fastest time to date. If the hubby had been in better cardio shape I think we could have finished even sooner. I love this year’s shirt and medal designs too! I hope they stay this way for a while! Now here’s to deciding on a Spartan Super to complete. Hawaii?