Awesome 80’s 5k Run

The Awesome 80’s Run was by far the absolute coldest run I’ve done to date. I am normally freezing in general but when I arrived at this run it was 33 degrees outside and was 33 degrees when I finished. There were a decent amount of runners dressed up in their 80’s gear and ready to go. I on the other hand, kept bouncing around in my fishnet and tights wishing that I had worn more clothing.

There were television stations and I believe radio stations there broadcasting the whole thing. The MC(?) was dressed up as Michael Jackson and entertaining dancing around for everyone. There was also the back to the future car as well as some other 80’s icons to take photos with.
Before taking off, Michael Jackson did a little dancing warm up to get us ready. I’m not going to lie, it was rather fun and did help a bit to defrost my popsicle legs. Once we were all pumped and ready to go we were off. The run was fairly straight forward and easy around the Peoria stadium and even though I was sick I believed I finished it in record time..for myself that is.

Afterwards I collected my medal, grabbed some snacks, and took a few quick photos. Right after that I couldn’t take the cold any longer and had to leave. I did enjoy the run and would definitely consider running it again but next time I will wear more clothing and come more prepared.