Baby Shower Gifts Natural Moms Will Love

natural parentingWhat do you do when the mommy to be is more of a natural parent like myself? You won’t find disposable diapers, formula, etc. on my registry so where do you go from there if you want to buy something unique? Check out my gifting cheat sheet below for baby shower gifts natural moms will love.

For the breastfeeding mama:

For nursing mommas that aren’t shy about feeding public, they will appreciate a booby baby beanie. Its quite adorable if I do say so myself. Not as open to a public feeding yet? No problem, get a cute nursing cover! Udder Covers always have some kind of promo code going on and lots of cute prints. If you didn’t know or are unfamiliar with nursing moms, breastfeeding either makes you extremely thirsty, hungry, or both! Your mommy to be will highly appreciate a new water bottle or some lactation cookies to help keep her supply up. A couple of other ideas would be a cute pro breastfeeding necklace or a nursing band to help her remember which side she last fed on and don’t forget some reusable nursing pads.

For cloth diapering family:

Though cloth diapers can be expensive, diaper covers are not, and cute options are everywhere. Not sure what brand to get the new mom? Opt for something else that will be put to good use, try grabbing a cloth diaper specific laundry detergent, wool dryer balls, or a special bag for dirty cloth diapers. For those moms who cloth and use “sunning” as their method of drying diapers, a drying rack is the perfect gift to keep everything organized.

For the Natural or Home birthing Family:

Though I’m not having a natural water birth with this little one, I’d love to give it a try with the next baby if my VBAC is successful. For those who are all set for a natural or home birth, hiring a doula is a great option to help a pain aching momma to stay on track. Some great cheaper options would be a bluetooth player to have comforting music play without worrying if the hospital offers a way to play it after the fact. Other great birthing necessities would be essential oils to help with stress relief and a birthing ball to help loosen and open up your hips.

For the Baby Wearing Family:

There is nothing better than having your baby close to you and your arms free. I have tried many wraps from Moby’s to homemade ones and my favorite is the Baby Co More Baby Wrap. This wrap is amazing and at an affordable price! Its not only simple to use but the fabric is light and durable. Nothing is worse than carrying around your little one and sweating non-stop because your wrap isn’t breathable, not to mention how hot you baby is. There are plenty of wraps out there but I highly recommend the the Baby Co More Baby Wrap hands down!

If all else fails gift certificates to any natural parenting store will be a great way to give mom and dad the freedom to choose what they want and know that you gave them that satisfaction. Also, savings bonds are a great way to help invest in the baby’s future.

Products may have been received in exchange for an honest review. Regardless all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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    Nice. Now I know what to bring to sister’s baby shower.