Baby’s First Wardrobe with Carter’s Little Baby Basics

“This post is sponsored by Carter’s, however; all thoughts and opinions are my own.”

As new parents of three, getting ready to go somewhere can be hectic. My husband will walk into a closet and grab whatever he sees first for the boy’s to wear. I, on the other hand, want to make sure the boys are not wearing two shades of gray that “almost” work together. *insert eye roll* So this time around I decided I wanted to make getting ready a lot less stressful. How is that you say?

Little Baby Basics Collection

little baby basicsCarter’s has created a soft, affordable, and versatile line of baby clothing called the Little Baby Basics Collection. This collection makes creating a baby wardrobe so easy and runs in premie to 24 months in size. Since you all know that Bodie’s nursery is a monochrome theme, I wanted all light blues, whites, blacks, and grays, for his wardrobe. Their neutral sets of the baby basics have tons of monochrome designs for me to oogle over and their newborn baby boy setsPIN IT! had light blue bears, um. Perfect for my Bodie Bear!

little baby basicsPIN IT!Due to all of these incredible pieces, you can start building a capsule wardrobe for your baby. Bodie came into this world a little peanut and has now is starting to chunk up. With all this weight gain comes power eating and with that comes spit up. This line allows Bodie to spit up on his pants and we can swap them out for any other pair in his closet. Spit up on the onesie? We can swap that out for any other onesie in the line too.

little baby basicsPIN IT!One of my favorite parts of the line is the fact that you can layer as needed. Need a little jacket to go with that outfit, Carter’s has you covered. Need socks, bibs, blankets and more? They’ve got it all to match. The cute little baby blue outfit we picked up came with a short sleeve onesie and a long sleeve shirt with matching pants. That means we can go from bodysuit to pajamas by throwing on the long sleeve shirt.

little baby basicsPIN IT!


Are you pining over this line but wishing there was a cute girl option. Well, there is! Even though I haven’t hit that girl jackpot, I get to get just as excited about dressing my niece in the same Little Baby Basics collection for girls! So many baby clothes bundles for both of them make it hard not to buy them all. I don’t know if I mentioned it before but her and Bodie and only 2 days apart! She is coming to visit this fall and I can’t wait for them to look so cute together on all their little adventures.

little baby basicsPIN IT!

If you want to start your little’s wardrobe via Carter’s Little Baby Basics collection, find your local store here or check out their online store here. Want to get even more bang for your buck? Carter’s is offering 20% off your purchase of $40+ through June 30th using these codes! Online: CART4342 Store: 066994

little baby basicsPIN IT!


  • Erika

    As someone with a little girl, these are adorable! I’ll definitely be registering for these when the second one comes!

  • Nabanita Dhar

    This reminds me of when my daughter was a baby.
    I[‘m not sure if Carters is available in India though.

    But I do love shopping for her even now 🙂

  • Di from Max The Unicorn

    This collection is so cute and the little bears on the knees are adorable! Love the cats on the hems of the girls pants too!

  • Amber Myers

    How precious! I’ve always been a big fan of Carters. My kids wore tons of clothes from them.

  • Ally

    My son wore some of these exact outfits the week he came home from the hospital! We love carters clothes!

  • Lauren

    I love Carters brand for babies! I had their outfits on my son throughout his baby and toddler phases. Your kiddos are adorable too!

  • Princess Quinn

    I love Carter’s baby. The fabrics they use are gentle on babies and they offer a wide range of cute designs to choose from.

  • Princess Quinn

    I love their designs and the fabrics they use are gentle on baby’s skin. I remember my first child’s baby clothes. The quality was so good that my second child have even worn it.

  • Nisha

    oh my god, so adorable haha. i love those patterns and the colours

  • Penny

    A substantial portion of both my boy’s early wardrobes came from Carters. I am a loyal fan. I love to share that with new mothers/families when I can!

  • Annie Cho

    These baby clothes are absolutely precious! I think my favorites are the bear clothes for the boy. So adorable!

  • Blair Villanueva

    OMG these are cute onesies! How I wish these are available in adult sizes for a good slumber 😀
    Lucky baby!

  • Sudipta Dev Chakraborti

    Such a lovely post and the pictures are just so cute. It perked up my morning.

  • Passportofawanderwoman

    A lot of my friends are having babies. This looks like a good selection. Will consider this story to buy them clothes.

  • Jennifer L

    Omg how utterly adorable!! I just love all the cute baby basics. Im going to have to tell my friends with babies to check out Carters.

  • Deb Dutta

    OMG these are just the cutest baby clothes!! How cute are the ones in nblue!

  • David Elliott

    This is such a cute wardrobe you have there. I would have loved pieces like this for my daughter when she was younger. Just reminds me of those beautiful days while she was growing up.

  • Pamper

    Aren’t the baby and the little outfits tooooo precious? Awww! Baby fever much!