Beaches to Visit in North Carolina

North Carolina beachesSummer doesn’t last long but once it’s here there’s nothing better than swimming in the ocean. Since you could slightly say that North Carolina is my hometown I thought I would start with 9 North Carolina beaches worth checking out.

North Carolina beaches

1. The Outer Banks — Outer Banks is one of the most well known of all the beaches in North Carolina. The Banks offer plenty of beach area as well as tons of history. You can visit the spot where the Wright Brothers first took flight in Kill Devil Hills that is nicely marked with a tall monument.

2. Bald Head Island — After leaving your car behind and hopping on a 20 minutes ferry ride you will arrive at Bald Head Island. The island is a small island that offers 14 miles of beach and a car free experience. That’s right, no cars are allowed on the island and most residents use modified golf carts to get around. Though Bald Head Island is a popular place for retirement, you can check out many locations where movies like Weekend at Bernie’s was filmed.

3. Atlantic Beach — Atlantic Beach is one of 5 communities located on the eastern end of the Bogue Banks which is part of the Crystal Coast. Atlantic Beach offers attractions like the Historic Fort Macon State Park which is full of Civil War history and very well navigated to keep your interests peaked.

4. Figure Eight Island — Figure Eight Island is a private island and is well known by celebrities and politicians such as Al Gore. The island is definitely an exclusive luxury spot to visit if you have the funds.

5. Carolina Beach — Carolina Beach offers the state aquarium, a state park, as well as many other attractions but what the beach is most known for is partying. Being close to many colleges, many students take advantage of the scenery by holding many parties throughout the summer.

6. Topsail Beach — Though Topsail Beach is very well known for its sea turtle sanctuary and all the work the sea turtle hospital does for the little guys, did you know it was also known for pirates? Topsail got its name from pirates hiding in the coves and waiting for merchants to pass by so they could rob them blind. Eventually, the merchants caught on and started looking for the top of the pirate ship’s sails to know when danger was lurking. The beach is also rumored to be the hiding place of Blackbeard’s precious treasure that has yet to be found.

7. Wrightsville Beach — Wrightsville Beach is probably the most popular for locals as it’s the closest beach from the Raleigh. The beach offers Jonny Mercer’s pier is is well known for being an excellent fishing spot. There have been many times I’ve seen fisherman who have caught and released baby sharks which is pretty cool.

North Carolina beaches each offer a different yet similar experience. Full of beauty and attractions any beach you choose will be an awesome way to waste the day away.

  • Annie

    Wow Jeska, I had no idea there were so many beach options in North Carolina! I am from Canada and I was always under the impression that NC wasn’t much of a beach location.