BeliBea’s Innovative Nursing Bra is Changing the Nursing World

I received the BeliBea Innovative Nursing Bra in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

innovative nursing braWhen it comes to nursing bras there are tons of options but that doesn’t mean that they’re practical. You have your sexy, lingerie type bras used occasionally for dressing up or when you want to feel and look hot. Then you have your sports bra type bras for the everyday nursing. Lastly you have pumping bras where you insert your pump into the bra for hands free pumping. Well, what if I told you the BeliBea Innovative Nursing Bra has combined the two everyday nursing bras into one?

BeliBea has created an belibea innovative nursing brainnovative nursing bra that allows you to nurse and pump in any combination or way you want. That’s right, any way you want! The bra is a spandex type material with two clipping options.

The first layer has a cut out for you to utilize for pumping and also comes when an insert to cover the whole so you don’t have any slips. I use a Playtex Double Electric Pump which was discontinued years ago but it fits my bottles perfectly and works like a charm so I haven’t given it up yet even with the little pieces that are starting to give. The second layer is your normal nursing layer that exposes your full breast. Of course, the last layer is to keep everything together and in place.

innovative nursing braHaving 2 different options for feeding your baby gives you lots of options for everyday use. You can pump one side while nursing on the other, nurse on either, or pump on either. The innovative nursing bra really steps up the game for nursing mothers like myself and I think they would make a great baby shower gift for anyone you know who’s expecting or nursing.

If you’re interested in purchasing a BeliBea Maternity Bra feel free to purchasing one here.