The Best Baby Basics to Buy in Bulk to Save You Money

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Everyone knows having a baby isn’t cheap. The diapers, food, clothing, toys, and more add up so quickly! So if you’re looking for ways to stretch your dollar further, have no fear. Here are the best baby essentials to buy in bulk to save you money.

Sam’s Club Membership

Let me start off by saying, wholesale clubs are where it is at. For as little as $45 a year, you can score significant price slashing in bulk products. Sam’s Club offers a wide variety of quality brands you can trust to keep your baby clean, comfy, and happy! With all that stocking up and saving you can get back to playtime in no time!


baby essentials to buy in bulkPIN IT!

Every mom knows one of the most, if not THE most costly baby item a parent has to purchase are baby diapers. Since Pampers are the #1 Choice of hospitals, nurses and parents, it is only fitting that Sam’s Club would carry them. Their upgraded Pampers Swaddlers are 2x softer for the softest comfort and best protection ever. Though we love Swaddlers when our babes are newborns, we love Cruisers once they are a little older. Why?

Pampers Cruisers are designed specifically for active babies with a 3-Way Fit adapts at the waist, legs, and bottom. This gives them the freedom to move their way which is every way! Up to 12 hours of protection with a better fit around baby’s bottom, Cruisers are Pampers driest, best-fitting diaper.


This is solely the most important item for many mothers out there. Formula is what your baby needs to survive their first year if you aren’t breastfeeding. The downside is that formula can be extremely expensive as your baby gets older. Save yourself some time and money by buying formula in bulk.

baby essentials to buy in bulkPIN IT!

One of the formula options at Sam’s Club is Similac Pro-Advance™. Similac Pro-Advance offers complete nutrition with an added prebiotic for your baby’s first year. This prebiotic is actually naturally abundant in most breast milk so it is a great addition for formula. Similac Pro-Advance is non-GMO and has a unique blend of DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E to help support your baby’s overall growth.

Baby Food & Snacks

Once your baby hits that 6-month mark and is ready to start tasting baby foods, head to Sam’s Club to stock up on their Gerber food options. They have regular Gerber pouches (pictured here) as well as Gerber Organic pouches that are also available at (which is our preferred choice). The Gerber Organic option has no artificial flavors or colors, no added starch, and is unsalted. Being that it is USDA Certified Organic, you don’t have to worry about any non-GMO’s sneaking in. Their fruits and veggies are also grown with Clean Field Farming™ Practices.

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I know some parents can have concerns about pouches but have no fear, Gerber uses a clear choice for baby, now in a transparent pouch that is not made with BPA. They also still come in age-appropriate nutrition and texture options.

As for the Gerber Puffs, or as we like to call them, snackies, you might as well grab them at Sam’s Club for a great price while you’re there too. My boys have all gone through tubes and tubes of puffs in this age range so I could never have enough. We love how they easily stick to baby’s fingers for easy grabbing!

“This post was sponsored by Sam’s Club.”

baby essentials to buy in bulkPIN IT!

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