The Top Places To Eat And Drink In New York City

Eat And Drink In New York CityPIN IT!When it comes to places to eat and drink in NYC, don’t get stuck with just those big-name celebrity restaurants in Times Square and Central Park. Explore a bit more and find many cool, glitzy, and vibrant places offering the choicest of foods and drinks to gorge on or relish. Being a microcosm of the world, visitors can hope to stumble upon places offering multi-cuisines or different ethnic foods right next to each other. With bars open all night, there can’t be a better place to taste a drink or two and have fun.

Here is a list of 8 best places to eat and drink in New York City:

Hot Kitchen

Head to this cool and charming restaurant at 104 2nd Ave & 251 E 53rd St if spicy food gets you going. Expect to get lip-smacking and flaming Szechuan food at a great price. The tripe here is great and you can give it a try!

Bare Burger

The best burgers in NYC are served here! Visit this restaurant at 153 8th Ave and relish burgers with a number of toppings. Other top delicacies include healthy salad, sides and sandwiches. The place also serves beef, chicken, bison and bacon burgers

Shake Shack

This multi-location restaurant is very famous for its tasty burgers, fries and milkshakes. Have plenty of time available if you visit its Madison Square Park location as a long line is often the norm here. But don’t miss them as they are a NYC institution!

Sake Bar Decibel

Visit this place if you want to get served different varieties of sake. This tiny and cozy bar / lounge at 240 E 9th St also offers Japanese appetizers. Come here to taste some of the best sake you could expect to find in the Big Apple.

The Back Room

This bar at 102 Norfolk St makes you nostalgic as it serves drinks in teacups. More so, your drink session can recreate the magic gentlemen used to weave in the 20’s. You can sit through literally for hours in a library-style room and feel good.

Rye House

Get some of the best drinks at this cocktail bar located at 11 West 17th St. This place is affordable and its food menu is decent too. Here, you can taste some of the finest whiskeys in the world. Don’t miss this place as it’s not heavy on the purse.

The Thirteenth Step

Be at this place if getting drunk on cheap beer is what you’re looking for. It’s got the feeling of a college bar and what’s more, you can expect dollar beers on Tuesday nights.

Masala Times

If you are looking for an Indian meal, then don’t miss this place at 194 Bleecker St. Here, you can get Bombay-style street food. It’s got an authentic feel and you can also find rice, bread and Fish Tikka to satiate your taste buds.

Places to eat and drink are plentiful and you can trust one of the New York City tours to easily satiate your cravings for good and spicy foods.

  • Rachel

    I haven’t visited any of these places before but these look so good! I’ll definitely have to check it out next time I’m looking for a place to eat and drink in New York City!