Beyond Salad: 4 Ways to Use TesseMae’s All Natural Dressing

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All Natural DressingThe first thought that comes to mind when you hear salad dressing is well, salad. Though salad dressing is awesome and all, there are multiple ways you can incorporate it into food beyond salad. Conveniently enough, I received 4 bottles of TesseMae’s All Natural dressingPIN IT! just in the nick of time to try these recipes out.


All Natural DressingPIN IT!Are you confused right now? Well you shouldn’t be! Using dressing as a marinade is one of the easiest, most convenient things you could do for your dinner. All you need to do is tenderize your meat, add 1 cup of TesseMae’s Honey Balsamic dressing, sit in the fridge for at least 30 minutes and cook to your desire.


All Natural DressingPIN IT!

Hummus is one of my all time favorite snacks. Though buying it in the store is easy, making it is so much better. For making hummus grab a can of garbanzo beans, tahini, and TesseMae’s Lemon Garlic dressing. Blend together and viola! You have yourself some delicious homemade hummus.

Pasta Salad

All Natural DressingPIN IT!Pasta salad is one of the easiest dishes to make with dressing. Boil rotini pasta al dente, chop up olives, tomatoes, and any other veggies your heart desires. Place everything in a bowl and drizzle with the TessaMae’s Green Goddess dressing and toss!


All Natural DressingPIN IT!
If you need a quick and easy appetizer, toss cut tomatoes in TesseMae’s Honey Balsamic dressing and then place them on toasted slices of bread. Add a couple of chopped tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and finish with a drizzle of TesseMae’s Balsamic dressing.

All Natural DressingUsing real, whole sourced food ingredients, the now certified USDA organic TesseMae’s salad dressingPIN IT! is as close to what you would make in your own kitchen. That’s why deciding to incorporate TesseMae’s into these recipes was a no brainer. I could really taste a refreshing difference using their dressings and they will now become a staple in our household.

all natural dressingPIN IT!

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    Awesome recipes! I love having different kinds of salad dressings at home because they’re really great for cooking. Aside from simply having salads, there are so many recipes that you can use it on.

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    We use dressing for lots of things other than salads. My favorites are using tasty vinaigrettes as a marinade.

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