Boys & Girls Club of America My.Future Program

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my.future programPIN IT!With school out for the summer, kids can easily become bored if their minds aren’t being engaged. I’ve seen first hand how quickly my school aged son has gone from entertained to bored within a couple of hours. I can suggest for him to read, play outside, anything but nothing will do and this is where the Boys & Girls Club of America My.Future program comes to the rescue.

With STEM jobs in the U.S. expected to grow nearly twice as fast as other fields by 2018, 3 million of them may go unfilled due to a lack of people with the needed skills and education in these fields. By introducing our children to these technology skills in out-of-school clubs, they are more likely to pursue a career in a STEM-related field.

For more than 150 years, Boys & Girls Clubs have been leaders in out-of-school programming and now they have teamed up with Comcast NBCUniversal to create the My.Future program. The My.Future program is designed to teach youth the skills needed to thrive in our current digital world. It gives your child the option to select from over 40 hands-on activities to help them understand how to safely and productively engage online, and identify and develop digital interests. They can also earn certificates as they make progress throughout the program too.

My.Future facilitates projects of all ability levels with foundational technology skills. When your child has accumulated a certain number of outcomes, they qualify for certified digital badges. These badges can then be showcased online and added to a member’s resume to indicate their technical competency.

Don’t get me wrong, general education does a great job at setting the foundation for children in STEM subjects. However, programs like the My.Future program, help them to excel this knowledge and understand our media filled world while allowing them to identify and develop digital interests on their own such as robotics, game design, programming, and online journalism.

After learning more about the program here, and from friends of mine who have had a great improvement in their child’s education, I have personally decided to sign my oldest up in the program. Not only do I feel he will benefit greatly in his educational needs but I believe that the camaraderie while help excel his social needs as well. I will no longer have a bored inactive child wanting more to do.

  • Robin Masshole Mommy

    There is a group of people in my town lobbying to bring a BGCA here. I hope they do – it would be awesome.

  • Rachel Mouton

    What a great program for children. My neighbors children go to the boys and girls club locally and they love it.

  • Abram Murray

    I love Boys & Girls Club. What a great way to help kids improve themselves.

  • Amy Jones

    Amazing opportunity for kids to keep being active while on vacations!

  • tara pittman

    My teen is doing STEM in ROTC. He is learning underwater robotics.

  • Elizabeth O.

    It’s always great to keep them in the loop especially when it comes to education and learning, so this program will definitely benefit a lot of kids. I really think it’s perfect for kids who would like to learn more about the subjects they are interested in.

  • Joanna

    Great program for children. It’s important for them to gain some experience while still having fun and get to learn a lot of interesting new things. This way they could find their passion and who knows, maybe they will decide what they want to do when they will grow up.

  • Terri Beavers

    I think these clubs are so important for kids to be in. My kids were and I’m trying to find one around here for my grand kids to join.

  • Nikki Jenner

    This is very informative. I will forward this to my friends with teens so they will know about it.

  • Enricoh Alfonzo

    WOW! i hope they have this in my country. more than 150 years strong is madly impressive. here’s to their continued success and awesome work. BGCA

  • Stephanie Pass

    This is so important, especially during summer. My son just finished up a camp learning how to make apps.

  • Kathy Kenny Ngo

    Its amazing what kind of program are being made for kids now. I’m glad that there are programs like this being done to ensure kids can survivve in the digital world.

  • Mhaan A

    This is great for kids to learn about the digital world. Will consider getting this for my son when he reached the right age.