Breastfeeding Essentials Every Mama Needs

If there is one thing that’s harder than sleep deprivation with a newborn it’s breastfeeding. I extendedly breastfed Max for 27.5 months and between having Bodie and us quitting, I had an 11 month break. You would think I’d be a pro and could hop back in the game no problem. Wrong. It was just as hard.

No matter how long or short you breastfeed for, starting over is hard. Your nipples have to get used to all of the tugging and pulling and the cluster feeds make you want to cry. Though it is a hard job there are products out there to make it easier. Being on my second exclusively breastfed kiddo, these are items are my breastfeeding essentials.

Spectra Breastpump

When I was pregnant with Evan, I obviously knew nothing about breast pumps. All I knew was that I wanted one to make bottles. After figuring out the bottles I wanted, I bought the pump that went with them. I knew about Medela but that was way out of my price range. I used that pump for 8 years, you guys.

This time around I knew I needed a new pump as I plan to pump more this time around. I had narrowed my options down to a Medela and a Spectra. After asking other moms their opinions I went with the Spectra. I have been using it for 6 weeks now and I’m in love.

The Spectra S2 breast pump has a great massage setting that honestly is all I use to pump with most of the time. After the massage setting, you can customize the suction rate and pull to any setting you need. This is perfect for mimicking your little one’s actual suckle.



One of the greatest things I found when I was pregnant with Max is Bamboobies. Bamboobies have a variety of products now but their regular nursing pads are gold! They are so soft, thin enough that you can’t see them at all when wearing a bra, and the best part, reusable. Once you’ve finished using a pair you can just toss them in the washing machine.

Now that they’ve expanded their line they have added more awesome products for breastfeeding mothers. Their organic nipple balm is so smooth to apply and totally safe for your nursing baby. Don’t plan on feeding directly from the breast? No problem! They also offer an organic pumping lubricant to use for pumping. I didn’t even know this was a thing but my nips thank them for it!

Oh, and I can’t forget their amazing Yoga Nursing Brahhh. This baby is so comfy and easy to use from the gym to baby. Let me tell you, trying to breastfeed a baby with a regular sports bra on is like torture. It feels like your circulation is being cut off!

Milk Snob Cover



With my older two boys I had car seat covers, a nursing cover, and a shopping cart cover for each of them. When it comes to being a mama, the least amount of items you have to lug around daily the better. Let me introduce to you the Milk Snob cover.

This cover is a super soft jersey material that is multi-functional. All of those covers mentioned above have been converted into one simple cover. It is light and breathable so you can go from a car seat cover to nursing to strolling the aisles of Target all in one go.

Oat Mama Bars



What’s the biggest concern for a breastfeeding mother? Their supply. Every mom at one point or another becomes concerned that their supply isn’t enough or that it’s dipping. Even if you chug all the water in the world sometimes you need a little boost.

Oat Mama Bars are here to help. Some of you may remember me boasting about them a few years ago. They are still the same amazing lactation bar with all the healthy ingredients below:

  • are allergy-friendly, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, wheat free, *gluten-free and/or vegan upon request
  • are made with healthy fats from cashew butter and organic coconut oil (no butter)
  • have double/triple the amount of brewer’s yeast as a cookie recipe
  • have no refined sugar, sweetened with local AZ honey

What’s even better is that they have added a plethora of more flavors and have started making lactation friendly teas. Everyone knows you need more calories while breastfeeding so why not gain them by eating a deliciously filling and healthy lactation bar?

Breastfeeding will always get harder before it gets easier but you can nourish your babe with a little help from these awesome brands and be on your way to a happy, healthy baby!

  • Sarah Bailey

    These sound like some great essentials for Mum’s who are looking to breast feed, I can imagine it is quite overwhelming knowing what you need to make it as easy as possible.

  • Stacie

    Bamboobies sound awesome! It is so hard to get your boob out of a regular bra, and most nursing bras aren’t comfortable. I love those.

  • The Social Nubian

    I love your truth and the information. Not a lot of people share this kind of information. You mentioned breastfeeding for 8 years. Is that correct.

  • GiGi Eats

    I’m going to need to save this blog post for the near future! 😉

  • Emily

    I think these are definitely must haves when breast feeding. I know a good breast pump is important and I would have liked to have had some of the other items when I had babies. My youngest is 7 now and I am amazed with what is out there now that would have made things so much easier with babies!

  • Lisa Marie Heath

    I so wish some of these were around (or known more about) when my son was born! I was so lost when it came to essentials for breastfeeding other than the pump!

  • Kathy

    These are certainly some great ideas for items. I think they’re all very helpful too. I had never heard about bamboobies before til now. I wish I would have known about those when my kids were babies.

  • Joely Smith

    I sure wish there were Bamboobies back when I was breastfeeding but I am so glad there are now for today’s mamas! In fact, I am so thankful that there are support systems and wonderful products for moms of today!

  • Rika

    These breastfeeding essentials look very useful! I used breast pump, a great tool for busy moms.

  • Nichole Arnold

    Great list! I am not pregnant right now but already stocking up on my Bamboobies! They were my absolute favorite with my son.

  • Jenny

    I dunno if it’s a coincidence but it seems lije when i drink gatorade my supply don’t dip. Thanks for these tips.

  • Acupofassamtea

    Those products sound useful. Nursing a baby is not an easy task, and those products help to ease it.