Buttons Cloth Diaper Review

A few months before Max was born I received a Buttons Cloth diaper in exchange for an honest review. I had never heard of Buttons Diapers so I was excited to give them a try as I love finding new cloth diapers that can get the job done at a reasonable price compared to the more pricey brands like Rumparooz.

buttons cloth diaperbuttons cloth diaper

When my packaged arrived and I opened it, I was in love already! They had wrapped the diaper in bright tissue paper, tied it with a bow, and included their cleaning card on top. Great first impression! After I unwrapped my diaper I fell in love with the design and the adorable little button logo on the back. The diaper also has nice gussets on the inside, the liner was made nicely and felt super absorbant, and it snapped in which I loved as well.

buttons cloth diaper

buttons cloth diaperOnce Max weighed enough(11lbs) to fit into the diaper I snapped it to his size and put it on him. Snaps were easy to use and I had no problem pressing them together. Also, something to mention, the diaper definitely has room to go as you can see from the photo below! Once he was good to go, I was pleased to see that the diaper wasn’t too bulky, I would say it was a medium bulk level. I hate when babies have big ole bottoms from cloth diapers and have to wear a size up in pants for them to fit.

Photo Jan 23, 2 10 57 PMNo for the dirty business. Max wasted no time blowing up the diaper with fresh breastmilk poo and this baby held strong! I didn’t realize how much he “unloaded” on the diaper until I opened it and was amazed! I could barely smell a stench at all so I was surprised that it was such a filled diaper.

buttons cloth diaper

So what do we do next? Put it to the washing test. I always soak my diapers in hot water before washing to help get any stains out so I washed this one just like the rest. When I pulled it out of the wash, it was spotless. This rather impressive since most diapers take on a light stain if nothing else that you just have to “sun out.”

Overall, I really love this diaper! From the absorbant insert to the lighter bulk to the print. These diapers also sell at an awesome $11-12.50 per diaper which is a steal!

Interested in purchasing one? Go here: http://buttonsdiapers.com/

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