Cahoots Duo Challenge – Prison Break!

Cahoots Duo Challenge

When a friend of mine pointed this run out to me, Cahoots Duo Challenge, I thought it was a pretty cool concept and different considering the fact that you HAD to have a partner. Well I had a couple of partners lined up but they slowly one by one fell through then the day before the run I had someone commit to doing it.

The Cahoots Duo Challenge was way out west near the prison and took me about an hour to get there I believe. Getting off the exit was a total guess because there were no signs at all telling you where the run was. Thankfully my guess was correct because after we exited I saw ONE sign that pointed me in the right direction. After waiting in line for probably 20 minutes we finally parked and got our bibs, etc. The run seemed a little unorganized due to the lack of volunteer staff and signs showing me where to start.

Cahoots Duo Challenge

Cahoots Duo Challenge

Eventually, we made it over to the starting line which was pretty badass if I do say so myself. They had Buckeye SWAT, police with k9, and a correctional facility bus there. To start the race they even put you in a barbed wire/fenced in area and when it was your turn to go you had to crawl under the fence and literally “break out” of the mini prison. I give them big props for setting all of that up, it was pretty awesome.

Now for the good stuff, the obstacles. They were all pretty badass in my opinion. There were walls to jump, tubes to crawl through, hills to run up and down, but the COOLEST ones were the duo oriented obstacles. There was a balance beam type obstacle, a double swing, an electrical wire set up, a spider crawl wall, and they even tied your legs together for a portion of the run. Sadly the giant slide was shut down right before we were going to go down it because there was a 5th injury or so from it. I was disappointed because slides are always my favorite and I sign a waiver for a reason but I guess I understand.

The finish line was complete with climbing up this HUGE muddy hill that everyone was slipping on. The only downfall was that I wish there was more of a presence and an actual finish line at the end but I guess beggars can’t be choosers. Once we finished we were given our medals and fruit/water and of course, we showered(the showers were nicely set up!).

All in all, I had a fantastic time and they even gave us all of our photos FOR FREE. NO race/run does that ever so that was pretty awesome! I highly recommend the Cahoots duo run and I will definitely be doing it again next year! So far, this has been my favorite run to date! 🙂 You can check out the run here.

p.s. please ignore my HORRIBLE faces! lol