Caring For Your Senior Dog

caring for your senior dogPIN IT!“This post is sponsored by The Libman Company but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.”

Never in my life did I think I would have a dog for its whole life. I’m an animal lover for sure but I just never envisioned committing to something for so long. My Shih Tzu, Smush, who I’ve had since she was a pup, has officially hit 12 years old. Now that she’s a senior though, her health has been on the decline.

Changing Their Dog Food

Caring for your senior dog may seem like it’s no big deal but there are many things I had no idea would happen. To start, they lose their teeth just like humans. Smush has nothing but her larger teeth left now which means we had to change up her food. We went from normal dog food to softer dry food to wet dog food.

Getting a Soft Bed

Heart murmurs are very common for Shih Tzus late in age, Smush is lucky to not have that condition but instead has bad arthritis. Her legs started to get a little stiff looking about a year ago but now it’s almost as if she’s walking with two sticks for back legs. We had to upgrade Smush’s bed to a Tempurpedic version to help aid her sleep and comfort. If that doesn’t seem to be enough, talk to your vet to get a prescription for your senior dog.

Clean Up

The last couple of weeks we noticed Smush has been losing control of her bladder occasionally. At first, we thought she was doing it on purpose as I have just had another baby but then we realized it was totally accidental. Though saddening, it comes as no surprise that this is the next step in old age for dogs.

caring for your senior dogPIN IT!

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