extended breastfeeding

How to Stop Extended Breastfeeding

When I decided to breastfeed Max, my original goal was 6 months. I reached 6 months in no time and thought to myself, I can make it to 12 months. Well, 12 months came and went and I never made an effort to wean him because I really wanted him to self-wean. Everyone kept reassuring me that he would stop when he's ready. Finally, at 18 months I decided it was time to try to make a nudge in that direct[...]

Premama Lactaction Drink Mix

If you are a new or expecting mom, there is a new lactation drink mix in town! Premama is a first-of-its kind product line of natural powdered drink mix solutions for complete maternity wellness. Premama Lactation drink mix blends seamlessly with water or with non-carbonated, flavored liquids such as juices or smoothies, making it an easy, and palatable solution. Lactation is formulated with Fennel Se[...]

Oat Mama Bars: Not Your Average Lactation Bar

While spending your many hours searching and digging through pinterest for all of the many ways to increase your milk supply, you probably stumbled upon 100 or so lactation cookie recipes. I, for one, have given quite a few of them a try and even created my own recipe. But what if I told you that I had finally found a delicious alternative to making your own lactation treats? Introducing, Oat Mama L[...]