BeliBea’s Innovative Nursing Bra is Changing the Nursing World

I received the BeliBea Innovative Nursing Bra in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. When it comes to nursing bras there are tons of options but that doesn't mean that they're practical. You have your sexy, lingerie type bras used occasionally for dressing up or when you want to feel and look hot. Then you have your sports bra type bras for the everyday nursing. L[...]

Affordable Breast-like Bottles For Breastfeeders

When I had my first son breastfeeding was an awkward way to feed a child in my eyes. I stuck with it in the beginning but sadly enough we both ended up with thrush. Due to the pain of breastfeeding with thrush I was told to pump. I did some searching around and decided on Playtex drop in bottles. Now that I've made it over the hump with breastfeeding little man number two, I have started pumping and[...]
normalize breastfeeding

25 Historical Images That Normalize Breastfeeding

1. A Mother Feeding Her Baby at a Chattanooga Bus Stop - 1943 Look at her…doesn’t she know to “cover up” if she’s going to be doing something so shameful in public? 2. A Mother Feeding Her Baby at the Beach - 1930s   Um…excuse me, lady, the beach is NO place to flaunt your boobs. 3. Depression-era Breastfeeding She’s just trying to be sexy so she can ge[...]