My Dreams Came True | Beauty and the Beast Review

When I found out that Beauty and the Beast was being remade into a real life I lost it. My level of excitement was through the roof. I have been counting down the days until tonight to see the movie at the first available time 3D...IMAX. Yeah, I was THAT excited. I slid on my Disney roses LuLaRoe leggings and a pink shirt and I was ready to go. My son thought it would be cool to wear h[...]
Better Things

FX’s Better Things: Motherhood in a Nutshell + Giveaway

If you haven't heard by now, FX has just released a new show called Better Things. Its a realistic show about a single mom trying to raise three daughters in hectic Los Angeles, CA. Better Things depicts motherhood for what it really is. Emotionally and physically draining but an incredibly rewarding experience you would never change for the world. Created by Louis CK and Pamela Adlon, to[...]

A Girl Like Her: Suicide and Bully Awareness

I remember when I was in high school my freshman through junior years I was severely depressed. I remember contemplating suicide quite frequently and replaying the emotionally abusive words I heard on a daily basis from my father. I even specifically remember writing "forget my name" on my hand one day and a few friends of mine and me got into a car accident with a drunk driver who pulled out in front[...]