Little Black Dress Buying Tips

With the party season just around the corner, now is a good time to go shopping for a little black dress. As you can see here there are plenty already available in the shops. If you take the time to look for your party dress, right now, you are going to get the biggest choice. Leaving it a few weeks is likely to mean that some of the nicest ones will have sold out. Why choose a LBD over another type o[...]

Five Ways You Can Easily Protect Your Eyes This Summer

Summer is in full-swing and while we relish long, sunny summer days and time outdoors, all this fun in the sun can take its toll ... especially on our eyes.  Sand, pool chemicals, sunscreen and even the sun itself can cause red or irritated eyes, or worse. So while you're laying at the beach, hanging by the pool or enjoying a BBQ with friends, here are five ways you can easily protect your eye[...]

Unboxing: June 2017 Rocksbox

Wearing jewelry hasn't been big on my list for many years now. Recently, there has been a lot more indie styled jewelry however which has drawn me in. I love chunky stone jewelry and thin quirky cuffs. It's just so elegant yet simple enough to wear everyday. Then Rocksbox entered my life and now I'm hooked. What's a Rocksbox? I am no fashion blogger but man does this jewelry make me want to be![...]