The Color Run Dream Tour Recap

Who ran The Color Run Dream Tour like a runicorn?! This girl and all her fam did, that's who! Last Saturday we were able to partake in the amazing Color Run for the first time ever! The last time we ran a color run was years ago when we were a family of three.  Now our little family of four has conquered the official Color Run together and we couldn't be more proud. We were all so excited the morning[...]

Arizona Spartan Sprint 2016 Recap

This year marked my 4th year running and completing the Arizona Spartan Sprint. Its crazy to think that 3 years ago I ran my first Spartan Race and didn't love it to now where I find it to be one of the most rewarding races to complete. I even became part of the Spartan Street Team which I'm stoked about! I had a little bit of cardio under my belt and no health issues thankfully so I was hoping to fin[...]

Its Time To Tri New Things: LifeTime Indoor Tri Recap!

When I hear the word Triathlon I immediately become intimidated. You have to be in some serious shape to tackle one of these babies so participating in one was never something I ever considered. However, being a member of LifeTime Fitness I kept seeing all these signs for their first inaugural Indoor Triathlon and became curious as to how it worked. I decided to stop and ask someone to see what all[...]