Modern Market

Keep Your Macros on Track with Modern Market’s New Location in Ahwatukee + Giveaway

With everyone paying attention to their health more than ever, food is still the biggest obstacle. Eating out is the hardest task of them all on top of that. Finding restaurants that actually list macros can be frustrating when eating healthy. Low and behold, Modern Market has come to Ahwatukee. Modern Market Modern Market serves tasty, healthy food made from ingredients you can trust at a reasonab[...]

Put Me In The Story Easter Gift + Giveaway

Spring is FINALLY in the air which means the Easter Bunny is on its way! Every year I always try to give the boys a limited amount of candy but it always ends up being too much. Which usually means we have a candy jar of old candy after a few months. This year I've decided I'm going to limit the sweets to three candies each and add in more non-edible goodies. While on my hunt for new goodies, I came[...]

What I Love & Hate About LuLaRoe + Giveaway

From bright solids to crazy prints, LuLaRoe has taken the country by storm. I had briefly heard of LuLaRoe about a year ago but when I saw that you could only purchase the clothing from a member, I didn't look any further. Then my best friend Holli started selling the line and I became intrigued again. LuLaRoe is an MLM business where consultants(retailers) offer a variety of clothing including leg[...]