Silly Mountain Park Trails

E, my 6 year old, was out of school for the day and wanted to go on a hike with us badly. Luckily, I found Silly Mountain's trails and decided to create a loop totaling 2.4 miles and only a 462 elevation gain which was exactly what I was looking for. Since this was going to be a fairly easy hike we only packed water bottles and headed out. The trail is fairly steep in the elevation gain but that was[...]

Devil’s Bridge Trail

This past week another one of my sisters were in town and on her last day she wanted to go hike something cool. Since I had been aching to do one of the many Sedona trails I knew Devil's Bridge Trail was the one I wanted to hike. The scenery in Sedona is gorgeous and much prettier than the city so I knew she would love it. When we got to the trail it was 2:30pm so it was hot but not too terrible. Look[...]

The South Mountain Hidden Valley Mormon Trail

In a last minute change of decision, I saw information about the South Mountain Hidden Valley Mormon trail and it sounded like a trail I wanted to tackle right away! This trail was going to be 3.6 miles long, so I thought, and we were running late so we didn't start until 10am. Now 10am may not seem that bad to the average person but if you're a Phoenician, you know that's getting way to late to hike u[...]