pesky critters in arizona

5 Ways to Handle Pesky Critters in Arizona + Giveaway

Everyone has that one critter that makes their skin crawl, especially if you live in Arizona. The heat makes the craziest creepy crawlies come out of their hiding places. Whether your critter arch nemesis is the tarantula or the centipede or everything in between, it’s time to handle these unwanted crawlies like a boss. Check out these ways to handle pesky critters in Arizona. First of all, know[...]
scott comfort plus

Battling the Waddle of Shame

"This post is sponsored by Scott Brand, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own." Have you ever gone to the bathroom, done your deed, reached for the toilet paper, and it's all out? Panicking your reach under the sink for another roll to see that you forgot to buy more at the store and restock! You're left with a dirty tush and the waddle of shame to clean yourself with whatever is i[...]
monochrome nusery

Bodie’s Desert Monochrome Nursery

Creating a nursery is every mom's dream. You get to envision the cutest items to add including your new baby to be. For some moms, you get right the first time and if you're like me, you have to rearrange 40 times before you feel the perfect vibe. In the end, I present you with B's monochrome nursery reveal. With Bodie's nursery, I knew I wanted to do a monochrome nursery theme right away. As the t[...]